How to integrate your Shopify store

Within Click & Drop, click the 'Settings' link.

The 'Integrations page will open. In the 'Channels and Stores' section, click the 'Go' button.IntegrationsBlank.png

 Next, click the 'Add new integration' button.


You will be asked to select the integration that you would like to add. Click 'Shopify'.


A new popup window will appear. Copy and paste or type either your store URL or the store name in the field provided, and then click the 'Install and connect button'.

Please ensure your URL looks like '' as depicted below. Do not include any customer URLs.


You will be redirected to your Shopify admin panel where the permissions required by Click & Drop will be displayed. For more information on any of the permissions, click the 'View details' link.

To continue with the integration, click the 'Add unlisted sales channel' button.


A page will load to show your Shopify store and Click & Drop accounts have been successfully connected. From here you can choose to return back to your Shopify store, or to Click & Drop.

To view your completed integration, and to begin processing your orders, click the 'Return to your Click & Drop account' button.


You will be redirected back to your 'Integrations' page within Click & Drop, where your completed integration will be ready to view. 

The chain link icon will turn green to show your account has been connected successfully.

You can also choose to check the 'Mark orders as despatched' option to automatically mark your orders as 'Complete' in channel once you have manifested your orders (OBA accounts) or paid for your labels (Personal Accounts).


Can I disconnect from Shopify?

You're free to disconnect from Shopify at any time via Click & Drop.

In the 'Integrations' section under the 'Settings' link, click on 'Go'. Click anywhere within the Shopify row to expand the data.

To disconnect the channel, simply click the 'Delete' button. Once you have disconnected, you will no longer be able to download and process any orders from the store.

If you need to reconnect the store at a later date, simply repeat the connection process.


Store order status and download frequency

Click & Drop is only able to download Shopify orders that are in 'Unfulfilled' status, and no older than 7 days old. Eligible orders will be downloaded into Click & Drop every 10-15 minutes, and Click & Drop will update the orders in your Shopify store every 30 minutes.