Trading names are a crucial part of any business operation. In this section, we’ll detail how and why they are important within the Click & Drop environment.

What is a trading name?

A trading name is effectively the brand under which your store operates.

Why are they important?

All Click & Drop users are required to have at least one trading name. You’ll be prompted to enter this before labels can be generated and packages can be despatched.

Trading names are important because they provide your customers with:

  • an identifying name for your store
  • a trading address, detailing where your business operates from
  • a return address, so customers can return damaged or unwanted goods
  • customer service contact information (this is optional).

While multiple trading names can be created, it’s only possible to have one instance within any given channel. (It’s possible, however, to use the same trading name across both the .com and variants of a channel.)

How do I manage my trading name?

If you’re an administrator, you can add and manage trading names through Click & Drop's my account section. It’s possible to delete a trading name, but only if it’s not associated with a store.

Please note: Editing the details of any trading name will affect all stores associated with that name.

Learn how to add or manage your trading names with our how-to video: