Can I set up a shipping rule that applies a department reference to orders?


Click & Drop allows you to store the details of the products you are selling to your customers which if used in conjunction with Shipping Rules will enable you to just click print for your order as they download, reducing the amount of manual work needed to process your orders downloaded from your market places.

You can create your products either:

  • Manually 
  • As part of uploading a csv file
  • As the items you are selling download from your marketplace they will automatically start to build up in your product history

How do I manually create products?

Log into Click & Drop, click on the Products link and then click on the 'Create Product' in the top right hand corner

Click & Drop admin page with Create product link in top right hand corner

In the image box, if you have a photograph of the item you are selling you can add this here. This isn't currently a mandatory field but it can help you understand the items you are selling.

Create product popup with mulitiple fields - Image upload, Product name, Product SKU, Package weight, Package size, Product price, Stock location, and a Create product button

In the 'Product name' section, type in the name you would like to be able to recognise the product with. E.g. White mug.

The 'Product SKU' (or Stock Keeping Unit) is the unique identifier you use to keep a record of the specific item in your stock control.

The 'Package weight' should be the weight of the item including the packaging used to despatch the items.

The 'Package size' should be the size of the packaging based on Royal Mails format and the potential Royal Mail Service you will be despatching the items against.

The 'Product price' should be the price you are selling your product for.

The 'Stock location' should be where in your warehouse you store the stock and is a free form field and is not mandatory.

Create product popup, with all fields completed

Once entered click on 'Create product'

Click and Drop dashboard with new product line added

Once a product has been created it can be used as part of the creating a manual order which also enables the use of an integrated pick and pack note to be produced for manual orders created in Click & Drop.

How do I edit or delete a product I have created?

Open up the 'Products' section of Click & Drop and identify the product you want to either update or delete.

Product dashboard with product listed, ready for editing or deleting 
If you are updating the product click into the relevant area and update the details and just click update and the changes you have made will be saved.

If you want to delete the product, click 'Delete' and click 'Yes' when the warning message is shown and the product will be deleted from your Click & Drop product list.
Screenshot of Click and Drop at product level, displaying all available fields that can be edited

How do I create an Upload File to build my product catalogue?

When you import a csv file, if your file contains the details below, this will automatically populate the product list within Click & Drop.

  • Product Name
  • Product SKU
  • Product Price
  • Product Weight - please note, you must enter the weight in kilograms

How do I add a product to my catalogue for orders downloaded from my marketplace?

These will automatically populate the product catalogue if they contain the following details.

  • Product Name
  • Product SKU
  • Product Price
  • Product Weight

How do I create a manual order using a product I have created?

In Click & Drop, open up the 'Orders' section and click on 'Create order'.

Click and Drop order dashboard showing multiple lines of orders

Enter the address details of the order you have taken and scroll down the screen to enter the full details, then, click on 'Add products'. If you click on 'Create order' or 'Create order and apply postage' this will create an order without the product details being added.

Screenshot of Create order section of Click and Drop

In the 'Product name / SKU' field choose the item you are posting from a product you have previously created. In the 'Quantity' field enter the number of items you are despatching and click on 'Add'.

Updating an order by editing the item quantity in Click and Drop

If you click on 'Create order' you can then add postage at a later time, if you click on 'Create order and apply postage', you can then enter the postage and generate the label.

Choosing the service to send the Click and Drop order with

Choose the appropriate Royal Mail Service; in this example Special Delivery Guaranteed by 9am (Service code SD4) has been selected. Confirm the item doesn't contain any prohibited items and click on 'Generate label'.

Completing additional options within the delivery method section of Click and Drop

In this example the label template is the integrated pick and pack note and label.

Screenshot of order pick and pack note

Screenshot of order postage label