Click & Drop's address book allows you to store address details of your regular customers. You can assign each address book entry a unique reference number that Click & Drop can use to automatically enter address details when you are creating an order.

Please note that your address book in Click & Drop is only used when creating a manual order, or when included in the 'Address book reference field as part of spreadsheet order imports'. If your primary method for obtaining orders is an eCommerce integration such as eBay or Amazon, your customer address details will be contained in the orders themselves.

To access your Address book, hover your mouse over the 'Orders' header from any page within Click & Drop. Click 'Address book'. 


Your 'Address book' page will open up. To begin, click the 'Add a new address book entry' button.


A pop up window will appear with several fields for your customer's address data. Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk. You must include a unique Reference number for each address book entry. 

You can type the address manually, or you can type the first part of an address in the search bar under 'Shipping Address' and select the address from the list.

If you wish to use a different billing address, uncheck the 'use shipping address for billing' check box.

Click the 'Create address book entry' button when ready.


Your address book entry will now be visible:


To add more addresses, simply repeat the process.


Can I upload an address to the Address Book?

When you upload your orders via spreadsheet, if you include an 'Address book reference' column, the address will automatically be added to your Address book when you upload the order data.

For more information on uploading your orders, see this guide: How to upload your customer order details.


How do I create a manual order using the Address book?

From your 'Address book' settings page in Click & Drop , click the 'Create order' button at the side of the address that you wish to create an order for:


A 'create order' pop up window will appear with the address automatically filled in. From here, you can continue to apply postage and generate your labels as usual.


Can I delete an address book entry?

To delete one or more address book entries, click the checkbox at the side of each entry you would like to delete. At the bottom of the page, the 'Delete' action will become visible. Click the 'Go' button when ready, and your selected entries will be deleted.


Please note that is it not possible for you to restore deleted entries, so please be cautious when selecting entries to delete.