All Online Postage customers have the ability to export their address book, to do this please go to and log in to the website

Go to and select ‘view your Online Postage’

This will take you to your Online Postage Order History page

From this page you will need to select ‘My Address Book’

You will be taken into your Address Book, select the export button


Once you have selected the export button, you will be given the option to choose what information to export

Once you are happy with the information you have selected hit the export contacts button, which can be found bottom right

This will collate all the addresses stored within Online Postage; it will ask you to select the hyperlink to download the addresses into a CSV file

This will open a CSV file containing all the address details

Once you have this, you are almost ready to import into Click & Drop. But before you do, you are required to add in a field in your CSV called Address Book Reference, or just Reference. If you look at the example below you can see an extra field before the First name column, in this example we have just used 1,2,3,4 and so on as the reference, you may have account numbers for these addresses that you wish to use, or you can use something else

Once you have added this field onto your CSV file, save the file and you are ready to import into Click & Drop.

To log into Click & Drop visit

Put your cursor over ‘Orders’ you will see an option to import

Select the ‘Import’ button

The select ‘Upload a file’

You will need to select CSV

Then locate the file in question, and hit the ‘Upload file’

Next you will need to go to Step 2, if your First Name and Surname are in a combined field you will need to change the ‘Name Format’ If they are not go to Step 3

Step 3 as you are using the order imports to upload your address book into Click & Drop, you need to do what is called field mapping. This means you match the title fields in your CSV to the ones we have in Click & Drop, for example:








Click & Drop

Address Book Reference

First Name


Address line 1

Address line 2

Please note that you can move along the columns by selecting the blue arrows on the right hand side to ensure all columns are mapped

Once mapped select the import orders bottom right

Once this has imported you will get a green bar across the bottom to confirm all have been imported, once you see this message you will need to select the ‘Order Import History’ button

This will take you to the import history page, here you select the undo import, and this will remove the orders from your dashboard but keep them in your address book


To access your address book within Click & Drop, you go to settings top- right then select ‘Address Book’

From here you can add new addresses by selecting the ‘add a new address book entry’; you can also remove an address by selecting the address, and selecting the delete button.