How to view your manifest prices (Online Business Account customers)

Once you have manifested your orders, and your rates have been calculated within your OBA account, the price of your manifest will be displayed within Click & Drop.

Please note that due to the way that rates are calculated, and discounts are applied, it is only possible to display the price after you manifest, and not before. 

To begin, hover your mouse pointer over the 'Orders' tab, and from the drop-down menu that appears, click 'Manifest'; you will be directed to your 'Manifests' page:


Here you can view the 'OBA order number' and 'price' columns.

The OBA order number is the Sales order number you will see in your OBA account invoices. 

The Price for each manifest is your 'End of day' price for all the orders in your manifest after any volume related discounts, or pricing plan alterations have been added.

The price displayed is how much your OBA account will be charged for the post you have sent. 


Please note that the price will not include any tracked items in the manifest. Tracked services are 'Bill on Scan', which means you will not be billed for your tracked services until they have reached their destination. Tracked services create a different Sales Order number in your OBA account.