How to upgrade your Shopify Integration

We have upgraded our Shopify integration from a private app to a general app. In order to keep your orders up to date and prevent any issues in communicating to your Shopify store, please follow these instructions to upgrade your integration.


Step 1:  Go to your Settings, and click ‘Channels and stores’ to view your integrations.

Click anywhere within your Shopify integration to expand the data. Click the link titled ‘Click here to use our newest Shopify integration’, as shown highlighted in red below:

Step 2: You will be redirected to your Shopify store. If you aren’t already logged in, you will be asked to do so. Enter your details and click the ‘Log in’ button when ready.

Step 3: You will asked to wait while Shopify upgrades and connects with your Click & Drop account. After a few moments, you will see the following success message:

Step 4: Click the ‘return to your Click & Drop’ button to be redirected back to your ‘Channels and stores’ page within Click & Drop.

Your Shopify integration will be upgraded to the newest version, as displayed below:

Congratulations, your Shopify integration has now been upgraded. You will be able to download, process, and mark your orders as despatched in store as before.