Last updated 18/10/2018

Features currently in development

Following on from recent customer feedback, we are working on a variety of improvements to Click & Drop including:

1. We are preparing a change to the 'Apply postage' stage of order processing. This new section will allow you to enter any required customs information, and edit the package contents of each of your products.

2. We are working on a postcode lookup function which will alert you to potentially incorrect addresses from the orders that you have downloaded from your eCommerce marketplaces or web stores. 

3. We are preparing our next payment method for personal (pay as you go) customers, which will serve as an alternative to PayPal. 

4. We are adding a search bar to Click & Drop to allow you to quickly find particular orders, products, or settings.

5. We are working on several improvements to our available services. 

6. We will be adding Tracking numbers to your proof of postage documents. 


Planned features

The following features are planned for the coming months:

1. Our website is getting a redesign to make quick payments easier for new customers.

2. We are preparing our next major eCommerce marketplace integration. More details to follow.

3. We are working on the functionality to request refunds for your labels online.