If you find that your Print Assist labels are printing incorrectly, please check the below troubleshooting steps.

Important notice: Please note that our support team usually can't offer advice on your own internal hardware setups, software permissions, firewalls, or security settings, as we don't have access or permissions to provide this information. If you can't print labels using the Print Assist app, you should contact your own system administrator for assistance, especially if you can print labels automatically from a browser.


My labels aren't printing

If your labels aren't printing automatically, the reason can be due to many factors, including:

1. Check you have Royal Mail Print Assist installed on the workstation or machine you wish to print from, and that it is logged in. 

2. Check you have specified printers in Click & Drop. You can do this in your Royal Mail Print Assist settings, or if your Click & Drop Desktop Configure Workstations settings. 

3. Check your orders are entering Click & Drop in 'Postage applied' status. You can ensure this by entering the weight, package size, and shipping service for imported orders, or by using a shipping rule for downloaded orders. 

4. Check that you do not have any security software of firewall which is blocking connectivity to the Royal Mail Print Assist application. This is common where labels can be printed from Click & Drop in a browser, but fail to print automatically via the app. 

If you need to whitelist IP addresses or URLs for your security settings, click here for more information.

5. If using Click & Drop Desktop, please check that your orders are importing correctly. Labels can only be produced for orders that have imported without errors.

6. Check Print Assist is running on your computer or device. You should see this as an icon in the system tray at the bottom right of your screen. If an icon is not present, you may need to search for and select Royal Mail Print Assist from your installed applications and run it. You may need to amend your startup settings to ensure Royal Mail Print Assist automatically runs when you start your computer or device.

7. Sometimes, permission settings on your machine or network can block communication between the Print Assist app, your printers, our Click & Drop's servers. 

The following conditions need to be satisfied for the Print Assist app to run correctly:

  • The operating system user under which the Print Assist Client is run needs to have permissions to access printers and the network.
  • The Print Assist Client needs to be able to write to the user's home directory.


Do I have the most up to date version?

The current version of Print Assist is 4.20.7. you can view your version by opening the application and checking the top left corner. It should say "Royal Mail Print Assist 4.20.7".


My labels are printing the wrong size or orientation

If you installed Royal Mail Print Assist as a windows service, subsequent changes to printer settings or label templates will not be remembered. 

You may need to uninstall and then reinstall Print Assist. You can find a guide on how to do so here: How to connect Royal Mail Print Assist.

When you are asked if you wish to install Print Assist as a windows service, leave the box unchecked, as shown:


My labels are printing the wrong size or orientation on my label printer

You may need to modify your label printer settings to ensure your labels print correctly. We recommend trying the following settings:

Change 'Paper Format' to 'Inch'

Ensure 'Size' is set to 3.75 x 6.00 


My labels are printing in the wrong position on the sticky label

Should this occur, please press the button on the front of your label printer in order to re calibrate your printer. This should ensure your labels print exactly within each sticky label.


My printing preferences are not remembered

Your printing preferences are stored within your browser cache. If you have cookies disabled, or your browser cache is cleared, your preferences may not be remembered in Click & Drop.


Which print settings take precedence? 

If you have Royal Mail Print Assist installed and enabled, then those print settings will take priority over any printer settings saved in your .pdf reader software.

The only exception to this is if you have configured workstations in Click & Drop Desktop or Dropbox. The printer settings in these integrations will always take priority over your Print Assist printer settings.

Please note that in this scenario, you will still need Print Assist installed and enabled in order for your labels to be printed automatically.