Troubleshooting your Dropbox integration

Important notice: We ended support for Dropbox integrations on Friday October 27th, 2023. 

We are asking all customers who previously used Dropbox integrations to instead use our own file import applications, Click & Drop Desktop, or Click & Drop API.

For more information, please see the following guides: How to import orders with Click & Drop Desktop or How to import orders with the Click & Drop API.


What do I do if my files are not importing successfully?

 If your file is not importing successfully, please check the following:

We do not recommend you delete and recreate your Dropbox integration at this stage as this can potentially cause other issues. You should only delete your integration if you are going to use a new Dropbox account, or if you wish to permanently delete your integration.

1. Is your internet connection stable? 

2. Have you mapped the columns in your spreadsheets first via a spreadsheet order import?

3. Does the data in your spreadsheet match Click & Drop's order import field specifications?

4. Is your Dropbox folder on a server location? Dropbox is not designed to run on Microsoft Server operating systems. If your company set up does not allow Dropbox to be stored on local computers or devices, please see the following information:

 5. If one or more of your files is 'stuck' in one of your Dropbox folders, you can force the import process to run again by removing all of the files and then replacing them back into the folder.

6. If you are generating a file straight into the dropbox directory before writing data in the file, this may cause issues as we may attempt to import the file as it's being written, which may cause your file to not be imported correctly. We recommend creating your file outside the directory and moving it once the file is fully written.


Can I create an integration to a second Dropbox account?

Dropbox uses cookies to remember login data, so in order to create a new integration with a new Dropbox account, please ensure to:

1. Open Dropbox in a new tab in the same browser as Click & Drop

2. Log out of your DropBox account

Otherwise, any new integrations will automatically connect to your previous saved DropBox account details.

Please note that these actions must be performed in a browser, and not from the Dropbox icon in your system tray.

If you have firewall restrictions, you may encounter issues with the file not being recognised. Please visit the Dropbox webpage for help on how to address this.


My results file is empty

If files are not being placed in your results folder, this may be because your orders are in 'Postage applied' status and not 'Label generated'. If this is the case, please check that:

1. Your orders have a valid weight, package size, and service, and that the columns in your spreadsheet is correctly mapped.

2. Your Print Assist is switched on

3. Your printer is not switched off, or is not producing errors.


Can I improve the speed that Dropbox uploads my orders to Click & Drop?

If you find that your orders are being uploaded too slowly, there are several methods that may speed up the process: 

1. Increase bandwidth

It may be that there are too many demands on your internet bandwidth. To remove bandwidth limitations in your Dropbox account, right-click the Dropbox logo in your system tray and click the 'cog' icon, and then select 'preferences'.

In the new window that opens, click the 'Bandwidth' tab. 

In the 'Upload rate' section, check the 'Don't limit' option. 


2. Clear Results folder

If you process a high volume of files, your 'Results' folder may become full. 

From your Dropbox folder, go to Apps > Click & Drop > Results

Or if you have configured workstations, Apps > Click & Drop > Your Workstation > Results. 

From here you can view your results files. these should either be deleted, or moved to a new folder somewhere outside of the dropbox folder.

 3. Un-sync Archive folder

If you are still encountering slow processing of files, you may need to un-sync your 'Archive' folder. To do so, open your Dropbox from the taskbar and select 'Preferences'.


Click the 'Sync' tab, and then click the 'Selective Sync' button.


Un-check your 'Archive' folder from the list and then click 'Update'


If your issue still persists after checking the above, please contact our support team.