How does Click & Drop's automatic customs details lookup work?

We’ve introduced a new tool into Click & Drop that aims to make it easier for our customers to get the right electronic customs information for international orders despatched through Click & Drop. The tool will attempt to search for and correct any incorrect customs (HS) codes or customs descriptions. 

As of 30/11/22 the tool can only change customs information for orders when manually applying postage. Orders imported via eCommerce channels, imported via spreadsheet, or imported via the Public API are not affected at present, although these changes will be rolled out to those integrations soon.

How long should HS/Customs codes be?

A standard customs code on a product will be 6 digits long, but this number will often need to be extended depending both on the item itself, and the destination country. There’s no fixed number every time, even for the same country. Orders with 6, 8, or 10 digits could all be perfectly valid, depending on what is being sent and where it is going.

For information on which customs codes and customs descriptions you should use, please see:

What does the automatic customs lookup try to do?

The automatic customs lookup attempts to do the following 3 actions:

1. Adding country specific customs code digits

When a product with a standard 6-digit product HS/Customs code is added to an order, the Customs Lookup Tool will automatically add the remaining digits up to 8 or 10 to the electronic customs information on the order depending on the destination country, if they are required. 

2. Improving customs descriptions

When the order description is either incomplete, vague, or incorrect, we will try to lookup and enter a more precise customs description.

You can test this in the Products page – if you click into a product, and scroll down to the ‘Customs information’ section, there is a looking glass icon next to ‘custom description’.

Clicking this will search for some suggestions.

In our example below, the Tool has determined that ‘shirt’ is a vague or incomplete description and so has suggested shirts/blouses instead.


3. Improving mismatches between customs codes and customs descriptions

When a customs code and customs description do not match, the tool will attempt to make suggestions to correct the mismatch.

In our example below, we have a customs code and customs description that do not match. Using the search as before, it has suggested some alternatives and their customs codes:


How do I check my data is correct?

We will try our best to make sure the right electronic customs data is sent for all of your orders, but ultimately, it is your responsibility as a seller to make sure your customs data is correct and as accurate as possible in both your saved products, and your processed orders in Click & Drop.