In Click & Drop, once you have created your shipping rules, you can test your orders to see which of your shipping rules would apply postage to that order.  

If you haven’t created shipping rules and want to know how, you can find out here.

To test a shipping rule that you have set up, you'll need to know the order number(s) you would like to test. You can either get the order details from the ‘Orders’ page and then click on ‘Settings’, or open your ‘Orders’ page in a new window or tab.

Once you have the order number(s) you want to test, click on the 'Settings' link:

Click & Drop shipping rules

The 'Settings/Overview' page then opens up. In the 'Shipping rules' section, click on the 'Go' button.


You'll be able to view any existing shipping rules you have created. In our example, we have three different shipping rules. To test your orders against one of these rules, click the ‘Test shipping rules’ button.


You'll be taken to the ‘Test shipping rules’ page.

In the ‘Order number’ field, type in the order number that you want to test your shipping rules against.


Next, select the ‘Test Criteria’.

  • Channel: The marketplace or method your order came from. This is a required field
  • Channel shipping method: The in-store shipping method. This option will only be selectable if a valid channel has been selected
  • Country: Where the order is being sent to (destination).
  • Packaging format: Choose from letter, large letter, small parcel, medium parcel, or large parcel.
  • Order value: Type the value of the order (the value is in Sterling) or use the arrows to adjust
  • Shipping cost: Type the shipping/postage cost (the value is in Sterling) or use the arrows to adjust
  • Order weight: Type the weight of the item in grams or kilograms. Use the arrows to adjust

When you have added your item criteria, click the ‘Test shipping rules button’ to display the results.


The results section displays a breakdown of each of the chosen criteria, and whether the order entered matches each one. A green tick indicates the order matches the criteria for that rule, and a red cross indicates that it does not.

In our example, the rule ‘Second Class Standard’ is the only rule that matches the order criteria, because there are green ticks across the entire row. There is at least one cross for each of the other shipping rules, and so they will not be applied to the order.

If none of your shipping rules match the order specified, the header of the Results section will turn red, and inform you that none of the rules match, as shown:


It's important to note that if two or more of your shipping rules apply to an order, the shipping rule with the highest priority will apply. This means the shipping rule with most matching criteria will be applied.

If you find that you often have orders that are eligible for more than one shipping rule, you may wish to consider making your shipping rules more specific or if you have a large number of shipping rules, you may wish to consider using a smaller number of shipping rules with more specific criteria.