Scan & Print (Online Business Account customers)

Scan & Print is an optional feature to assist with the packing of your products. With it, you can scan barcodes printed on Click & Drop despatch notes or your own paperwork, and then instantly generate the correct labels for your orders.

Please note that in order for labels to be instantly printed, you will need to install Print Assist or Desktop with Auto Print enabled on your computer or device. To find out how, see this page: How to connect Click & Drop Print Assist or How to connect Click & Drop Desktop Auto Print.

How to use Scan & Print with despatch notes

Click the 'Orders' tab to view your orders.

Despatch notes can only be generated for orders in 'Postage applied' status. Check the grey circles beside the order/orders you would like to generate the despatch notes for.

In the 'Select an action' drop down box in the top left-hand corner of the page, select 'Generate despatch notes' and click the 'Go' button.

Your despatch notes will be generated ready for barcode scanning. 


To scan the barcodes and generate your labels, hover your mouse over the 'Orders' tab and click 'Scan & Print'.

How to scan barcodes into Click & Drop

Using the menu, hover over 'Orders' and select 'Scan & Print'.

You will be taken to the 'Scan and Print' page. From here, simply scan a bar code from your despatch note or paperwork, and the order number or channel order reference number will be displayed in the box.

  • If you use Click & Drop's despatch notes, Scan & Print will look for the order numbers within Click & Drop.
  • If you scan barcodes from your own paperwork, Click & Drop will match your own order numbers to the Channel order reference number within Click & Drop. 

Please note that when scanning your own paperwork, your Click & Drop orders must have the correct channel order reference number. This number will download from your stores and marketplaces automatically, but must be included as a mapped field if you import your orders via spreadsheet.


If you have Click & Drop Print Assist, or Desktop with Auto Print installed, your labels will be instantly printed. Otherwise, you will need to click the 'Generate labels' button.

Alternatively, you can manually type the order number or channel order reference in order to generate labels.