How do I mark an order as despatched by other courier?

Sometimes you may have orders in Click & Drop that you will despatch with a courier other than Royal Mail, or by courier services that create their own labels, such as Amazon Prime orders.

By marking an order as 'Despatched by other courier', Click & Drop will exclude it from your dashboard figures. This also prevents the order from downloading in again if deleted from Click & Drop.

To begin, you will need to select an order in 'New' status that you wish to mark as despatched by another courier. Click the order to expand the order information.

To mark as 'Despatched by other courier', click the 'other actions' drop down box, select 'Despatched By Other Courier', and press 'Go'. 

A dialogue box will ask you to confirm your selection.

Your order will now be in 'Despatched by other courier' status.

Please note, once your order is marked as 'Despatched by other courier', you will not be able to apply postage to the order, generate a label for the order, or mark it as despatched.

You will be able to delete the order, or restore it back to 'New' status using the 'other actions' drop down box.


Can I use shipping rules to automatically mark orders as 'Despatched by other courier'?

For some customers, all orders from a specific store, or orders with a specific in store postage method will always be shipped by another courier. You can create a shipping rule to handle these orders automatically.

First, you will need to create your shipping rule. If you are not already familiar with shipping rules, please find our guide here: How to create shipping rules.

When creating or editing a shipping rule, navigate to the 'Postage details to apply' section and check the box marked 'Mark as despatched by other courier', then click the 'Next' button and then the 'Save' button on the next window.


All orders which conform to this shipping rule will now be instantly marked as 'Despatched by other courier'.