How to export your order data (Personal customers)

Click & Drop allows you to create a 'Despatched orders report', that can be used to export your order data into a spreadsheet format.

  • Despatched orders report: Includes the order number, the channel the order came from, channel reference numbers, despatch dates, customer name and address data, and tracking number.

To begin, hover over the 'Reports' link from any page within Click & Drop and select 'Despatched orders'.


You will be directed to your despatched orders report.


To filter the data, use any of the grey filter icons by each column. In the example below, we have clicked the 'Despatch date' filter. From here, you can select a variety of quick options from the buttons on the left-hand side, or use a to-from range by selecting dates on the calendar.

After you have added a filter value for each column, click the blue 'Apply' button to apply your changes. You can filter as many columns as you wish. 


You can also choose to add or remove columns from the grid. To do so, click the 'Column' icon in the top right-hand corner of the grid.Use the checkboxes to add and remove columns from the grid.

Once you are happy with your selection, click the blue 'Export to XLS' button in order to download a spreadsheet of your selected data.

An example is shown below: