If you regularly send the same kinds of items overseas, you can save time by setting the same electronic customs information which will apply to all of your orders.

For example, if you regularly sell T shirts, all of your products will usually have the same harmonised system code and customs description.

Whether your orders are created manually, downloaded from an eCommerce marketplace or web store, or imported via spreadsheet, any missing or incomplete customs data will be automatically updated with the values you set.

To begin, click the 'Settings' link from the top right hand corner of any page within Click& Drop. You will be directed to the 'Settings' page. Next, click anywhere within the 'Default customs information' tile.


The 'Default customs information' settings page will open. 

Here you can enter default information for three fields. Please note that any information added here will be automatically added to your international orders. You will have the ability to overwrite or change any of your order electronic customs information later in the process.


From here you can fill in one or more of the following optional fields:

Customs description (A description of the item you are sending. This description is used by customs officials to assess your items, so please ensure your description is concise and relevant, ie 'Blue cotton T-shirt')

Customs code (The 6,8, or 10 digit customs (harmonised system or tariff) code of the item you are sending, ie '22003948')

Country of origin (Select the country the item was produced from the drop down list)

Once you have entered the required information, check the 'Use default customs information' box to enable the setting.


Please note that if you wish to switch off this setting, uncheck the 'Use default customs information' check box at any time.

Once you have finished, click the 'Save' button. 

Now, when you receive an order to an international destination that requires electronic customs, apply your postage as usual.

At step 4. Review / edit package contents, the the information provided will be included, as shown:


Please note that some information such as quantity, unit weight, and unit price will need to be manually entered/adjusted at this stage.