This guide explains the many ways Click & Drop can help you save time If you regularly send items overseas. 


  1. How to choose which box is selected on CN22 documentation 
  2. How to upload a date and/or signature on CN22/23 documentation

  3. How to set default package contents information 

To begin, click the 'Settings' link from the top right hand corner of any page within Click& Drop. You will be directed to the 'Settings' page. Next, click anywhere within the 'Default customs information' tile to be directed to the 'Default customs information' settings page. 



1. How to choose which box is selected on CN22 and CN23 documentation 

In the 'Customs declaration categories' section, you can use the check boxes to determine which boxes will be automatically checked on all CN22 and CN23 documents produced by Click & Drop.

In our example, we have selected 'Gift' and 'Other'.

If you wish for different boxes to be checked on the CN22 or CN23 document for a particular order, you can change the setting here. Once you generate a new CN22 or CN23 document for that order, the new changes will be applied.

Please note:

The 'Sale of goods' box is only present on CN22 documents. 

Please note that the changes made here will affect all CN22 and CN23 documentation produced through Click & Drop. 

Once you have finished making your changes, click the blue 'Save' button to save and apply them. 



Example CN22 document with custom check boxes.

2. How to upload a date and/or signature on CN22/23 documentation

This feature allows you to upload an image that will be automatically added to the 'Signature' box for every CN22 or CN23 customs document produced in Click & Drop. Additionally, the 'date' box will be automatically populated with the date of your order(s).

To begin, in the 'Customs declaration signature image' section, check the 'Automatically sign and date customs declaration documents' check box. 

Click the 'Choose image' button to select an image from your computer. The maximum file size for images is 1MB and a the maximum image size is 800 x 200 pixels.

Once you have selected a suitable image file, click the blue 'Upload file button'


Your default signature image will now be visible within Click & Drop.

You can use the Preview buttons to generate a sample CN22 or CN23 file. Samples produced will contain sample data except for the date, signature, and any default package contents information you have added (see section 3 below).


When you are ready, click the blue 'Save' button in the bottom right hand corner of the page to save your changes. 

Your signature and order date will now be added to all CN22 and CN23 documents produced:


Please note that this feature requires you to include both date and a custom image. It is not possible to have a date or image alone.


3. How to set default package contents information 

If you regularly send the same type of item, for example T shirts, all of your products will usually have the same harmonised system code and customs description. 

In the 'default customs information for international orders' section, you will find three fields for you to type or paste your information. Please note that any information added here will be automatically added to your new international orders. You will have the ability to edit or change the package contents information for any of your orders in Click & Drop.

Whether your orders are created manually, downloaded from an eCommerce marketplace or web store, or imported via spreadsheet, any missing or incomplete customs data will be automatically updated with the values you set.

To begin, check the 'Apply the following default package contents to international orders' checkbox.


Next, you can add any of the following information:

Customs description (A description of the item you are sending. This description is used by customs officials to assess your items, so please ensure your description is concise and relevant, ie 'Blue cotton T-shirt')

Customs code (The 6,8, or 10 digit customs (harmonised system or tariff) code of the item you are sending, ie '22003948')

Country of origin (Select the country the item was produced from the drop down list)

Once you have entered the required information, check the 'Use default customs information' box to enable the setting.

Please note that if you wish to switch off this setting, you can un-check the 'Apply the following default package contents to international orders' box at any time.

Once you have finished, click the 'Save' button in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

How does this affect my orders?

When you receive an order to an international destination that requires electronic customs, that order will have your default package contents already applied. 

You will still need to apply your postage to the order, whether manually or via shipping rules.

Please note that some information such as quantity, unit weight, and unit price will need to be manually entered/adjusted at this stage.

On the 'Apply postage' page, the default customs information you have added will be visible at step 4: 'Review / edit package contents'.


How to change the name that is displayed on CN22 and CN23 documents

The name that is displayed on customs documents is taken from the name entered in your Trading name settings. If you wish to override this value, go to Settings > Trading names.

Under the 'Customer service contact details' section, change the 'Full name' value.

This new name will be displayed on any new customs documents created for that trading name. if you have multiple trading names, you may need to change this value for each.


If you wish to generate a new label with the name name, simply regenerate the paperwork for your order(s). 


Example new CN22 label design.