How to integrate your Amazon store

In order to be able to download and process orders automatically from Amazon, there is a short set up process you have to follow first.

Within Click & Drop, click on the ‘Settings’ link: 


The 'Settings / Overview' page will open. In the 'Integrations' section, click the 'Go' button.


Next, your 'Channels and Stores' page will open. Click the 'Add new integration' button.


A new pop window will appear asking you to choose the marketplace or store that you would like to connect to. Click ‘Amazon’.


In the new pop-up window, check your trading name is correct. If you wish to use multiple trading names, you will need to create a separate integration for each. Once you have selected your Trading name, the integration name field will be filled in automatically.

You can also check the 'Mark orders as despatched' box. Selecting this will save you time as your items will be automatically marked as despatched in Not on the High Street once they are marked as despatched in Click & Drop.


Click link on screen and the Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) page will open in a new tab. Click the ‘Sign up or manage Amazon MWS’ link as circled:


On the registration page, click the button beside ‘I want to use an application to access my Amazon account with MWS’

In the ‘Application name’ field, type ‘RM Click and Drop’

In the ‘Application Developer Account Number’ field, type ‘9338-6146-3834’

And then click the ‘Next’ button.


You will then be presented with the Amazon MWS Licence Agreement. Tick to accept the terms and then click the ‘Next’ button.

A ‘Congratulations’ screen then appears


You will need to copy and paste both the ‘Seller ID’ and ‘MWS Auth Token’ back into Click & Drop, which should still be open in a different tab:


Click the 'Save and connect' button when ready.

You will be returned to your 'Channels and stores' page where your new Amazon integration will be visible. Under the ‘Status’ column, you will see a red link icon.


Once the connection has been confirmed by Amazon, the icon will turn green to show your integration has been connection successfully.

This process usually take a few seconds, but please allow up to a minute for this to occur.


Store order status and download frequency

Your orders must be in the status of ‘Unshipped’, and no older than 7 days in order to download into Click & Drop.

Your orders will be downloaded every 10-15 minutes, and Click & Drop will update the orders in your Amazon store every 30 minutes. 


Can I disconnect Click & Drop from my Amazon store?

You're free to disconnect from Amazon at any time via Click & Drop.

In the 'Channels and Stores' section under the 'Settings' link, click on 'Go'. Click anywhere within the Amazon row to expand the data.

To disconnect the channel, click the 'Delete' button. Once you have disconnected, you will no longer be able to download and process any orders from the store.

If you need to reconnect the store at a later date, simply repeat the connection process.