This section will detail what it means to manifest an order, how it can be done both automatically and manually, and how you can keep track of every manifested order.

What is manifesting?

Manifesting is the process of informing us that you are ready to despatch your post. It also lets us know that you’re ready to be billed through your Online Business Account (OBA).

A manifest is also the paperwork that will need to be handed over with your mail to your post office or collection driver. Failure to provide this paperwork may result in an additional surcharge. 

A PDF collection receipt is generated each time you manually manifest one or more orders. This receipt will detail all the packages you’ve paid postage for, and is used to check your despatched items during collection and delivery.

Daily auto-manifest

At 6.30pm every working day, Click & Drop will automatically manifest all of your orders that are ready to be manifested and billed.

All unmanifested orders in 'Despatched' or 'Label generated' status will change to 'Manifested', and a new manifest will be created on your 'Manifests' page within Click & Drop.

Please note that the daily auto manifest process will not run if you have already manually manifested your orders that day.

A record is kept of all despatched but not manifested orders, so please ensure that you manifest your remaining despatched orders as soon as you are able.

How to view your manifests

To view your manifests, hover your mouse over the 'Orders' tab, and then from the drop down menu, click 'Manifests'.


You will be Directed to the 'Manifest history' page, where all of your manifests are displayed. You can see three example manifests below. Each manifest comprises of several columns:

Manifest Number: each manifest in Click & Drop is numbered for easy access.

OBA order no.: This is the corresponding sales order number in your OBA account.

Please note that a manifest consisting only of tracked services will not display an OBA sales order number. This is because tracked services are billed once the mail has been scanned at its destination.

Status: manifests can be in status 'Complete', or 'Failed'.

Manifest date: The date the manifest was created. This date does always equal the date of posting.

# Orders: How many orders (and batches) are contained in the manifest.

Manifested by: This is the user who manifested the orders. If the manifest was produced by the end of day auto manifest, the default user's name will be displayed.

Price: The gross cost of the manifest, as you will see in your OBA invoices. You also can hover your mouse over the blue information symbol to display the net price. 

Available actions: For complete manifests, clicking this button will allow you to reprint your paperwork. For failed manifests, this button will change to 'regenerate'. Clicking the 'regenerate' button will attempt to process the failed manifest again. 


How to manifest manually

If you don’t want to wait until 6.30pm, you can manifest you orders from the 'Batch history' page.

Whenever you generate labels or despatch an order in Click & Drop - those orders will be automatically placed in a batch.

To view your batches, hover your mouse over the 'Orders' tab, and then from the drop down menu, click 'Batches'.


You will be directed to your 'Batch history' page, where you will see two tabs, 'Open batches', and 'Manifested batches'.

From your 'Open batches', select one or more batches in 'Label generated', 'Despatched', or 'Mixed (ready to manifest)' status using the grey buttons. From the 'Select actions' drop down menu, click 'Manifest batch' and then click the 'Go' button.


You will be asked to confirm your post does not contain any restricted or prohibited goods. Click 'Yes' to continue.

You will be directed to your Manifests page where your newly created manifest will be visible. Additionally, your manifest paperwork will load in a new window ready to be printed and handed over with your mail.


An example manifest document.

You can also reprint your manifest paperwork at any time. From your 'Manifest history' page, click the 'Reprint' button at the side of the manifest you would like to print the document for. ManifestCompleted.png

'Failed' and 'Emergency' manifests

Most manifests in Click & Drop will be in 'Completed' status, but very occasionally, issues can arise which cause other types of manifests to be created.

Failed manifests are created when one or more errors has prevented your orders from being manifested correctly. If this happens, please click the 'Regenerate manifest' button to try to manifest your orders and generate your paperwork again:

Failed.pngEmergency manifests are created when one or more errors has prevented us from properly contacting your OBA account.

If this happens, you will receive your manifest paperwork, but you will be given an emergency OBA order number and blank emergency manifest paperwork.

You do not need to do anything about emergency manifests, as they will be fixed by our support team. As soon as they are fixed, the correct OBA order number will be displayed.

Please note: After your emergency manifest has been fixed, the new 'Manifest date' may not match the date your orders were despatched. Please check the orders themselves for the date they were first despatched.