How to create Tracked Returns labels (Online Business Account customers)

Tracked Returns labels allow you to pay for the service your domestic customers may use to return your items to you. You can either print this to include with your products, or you can email the .PDF file for your customer to print out at their own convenience.

For more information on this service, click here.

Click & Drop has three methods for producing Tracked Returns labels: 

1. How to produce Tracked Returns labels automatically 

2. How to create an individual Tracked Returns label

3. How to create Tracked Returns labels in bulk


1. How to produce Tracked Returns labels automatically

Use this method if you would like for a Tracked Returns label to be automatically generated every time you generate a label of a particular shipping service. This method uses your existing printer settings. 

To do so, first click the 'Settings' link from the top right corner of any page within Click & Drop and you will be navigated to the 'Settings' page. 

Click the 'Shipping services' tile.


You will be presented with your list of available services. Click anywhere within the row of the service you would like Click & Drop to generate Tracked Returns labels for to expand the row. In our example, we have selected BPL1. 

From the drop-down menu, choose the Tracked Returns service, and then click the blue 'Update' button when finished. 

Please note that services may differ depending on your individual service agreements. TrackedReturnsPerService.png

Next, you will need to check the circular check box labelled '*Include Tracked Returns Labels' as shown:


Now, whenever you generate a label for an order on the chosen service (BPL1 in our example), a Tracked Returns label will be automatically generated using the same printer settings.

You will need to repeat this process for each of your shipping services you would like to automatically generate a Tracked Returns label for. 

2. How to create an individual Tracked Returns label

For this method, you can generate a Tracked Return label for any specific order that has been manifested. Labels produced by this method are printed in A4 format by default.  

To begin, click the 'Orders' tab, and find the manifested order you would like to generate a Tracked Returns label for.

Click anywhere within the order line to expand the order details:

Click the 'Other actions' drop down box as circled.


Select 'Generate Tracked Return, and click the 'Go' button.


You will now need to select the Tracked Returns service you would like to print a label for, and then click the 'Generate label' button.


Your label will generate as a PDF file, which you can then either print off and include when packing your customer's outward item, or you can email the label to your customer for them to print out and attach when returning the item.
Once your customer has attached the tracked return label to their item, they can simply hand the item over to their local Parcelshop (Collect+ or Post Office®) branch or Customer Service Point.  
If you need to reprint your Tracked Returns label for any reason, you can do so by following the same process as above but select 'Re-generate paperwork' from the drop-down menu in the 'Other actions' section.

3. How to create Tracked Returns labels in bulk

If you wish to generate Tracked Returns labels in advance that are not specific to particular orders, you can do so by clicking the 'Setting's link from anywhere within Click & Drop.

In your Settings page, scroll down and click the 'Miscellaneous' tile.


Your Miscellaneous settings page will open. 

Scroll to the bottom, and use the drop-down boxes to select your trading name, service you would like to generate the labels for, and the quantity required, as shown.

Click the 'print' button when ready and your labels will generate in a .pdf format file ready to be printed, or alternatively emailed to your customer.

Please note that your unique contract numbers will be displayed in brackets by each of your Tracked Returns services.