Click & Drop has 3 different label templates for you to choose from:

  • A4 Integrated label & despatch note template
  • A4 Separate label & despatch note template - with the option to have either 1, 2 or 4 labels per page
  • 6 x 4 Separate label & despatch note template

Please note: With the exception of thermal labels, all templates are designed to print on A4 media - either plain paper, or on a sheet of sticky labels.

 To set your template, click the 'Settings' link within Click & Drop. 


The 'Settings / Overview' page will open. In the 'Label format' section, click the 'Go' button.


You will be taken to the 'Label format'page where you can follow four simple steps to choose from the different label options that are available.

Preview labels and other documents such as despatch notes and customs declaration forms are displayed on the right hand side of the page. These will change depending on the options you select.


Step 1: Choose your printout template.

The two choices available are:

  • Integrated label & despatch note template

This format includes both the shipping label and the customer invoice on the same sheet of A4. 

  • Separate label & despatch note template

The shipping label and the customer invoice are printed on separate sheets of either A4 or 6x4. 
If you use an SKU reference, it will show on the 6x4 label at the bottom underneath the Click & Drop / channel reference-this is to aid pick and pack from label alone.

Step 2. Choose label format

The two choices available are:

  • A4

Can be printed on a regular home or office printer.

Integrated label & despatch notes can only be printed on A4.

  • 6x4

Can be printed on a thermal or label printer.

If you are an Online Business Account customer, and use a 6x4 thermal printer, you can order labels free for this via our Online Mail Supplies page.

Step 3. Choose despatch note format

  • A4
  • 6x4
  • Do not generate despatch note

Despatch notes can only be printed on 6x4 if you have selected 6x4 in Step 2.

Step 4: Choose additional options


1. Generate customs declarations with orders

With this option checked, customs declaration forms will be printed for international orders that require them. Items being shipped to a destination outside of the European Union must have a custom form attached. 

There are two different forms, CN22 and CN23. Click & Drop will automatically determine the correct documents that are required.

Please note that Click & Drop only prints the value, and the total weight on your customs declaration forms. The rest of the information must be filled out by hand. 

Harmonised System (HS) codes can also be displayed. See below.


2. Include customs codes on customs declaration

Check this option for Click & Drop to add the HS codes assigned to your order or products to customs declarations forms you produce.

This option will only be visible if you have ticked the 'Generate customs declarations with orders' option.

3. Include product SKUs on label

Check this option to display the SKUs from the products attached to your order on your labels.

For more information, see this link: Setting up and using products in Click & Drop.

Please note that due to the size of labels and the space available, we are only able to display the first 43 characters of SKUs. 

4. Labels per page

Use the checkbox to determine how many labels you wish to include on each page. This option is only available if you have selected Separate label and despatch note template on A4 paper.

Once you are happy with your label selection, click the blue 'Save' button at the bottom right of your page.

If you wish to change your label template settings, you can revisit this page and choose new options at any time.

5. Print order

If you print labels in batches, you can use the checkbox to specify order in which labels print out. Choose from:

Order number (highest first)

Order number (lowest first)

Order date (newest first)

Order date (oldest first)

Channel reference number (highest first)

Channel reference number (lowest first)

Product identifier (SKU) (highest first)

Product identifier (SKU) (lowest first)

Once you have chosen your label format setting, click the blue 'Save' button at the bottom right hand corner of the page

How to print landscape labels

Click & Drop allows you to print directly onto standard envelopes if you select 6 x 4 label format. 

If you are an Online Business Account customer, you will see an additional checkbox: 'Print letter label in landscape format'. if you check this box, all 'letter' format labels will automatically print in landscape orientation. The size of the labels will not change. 


If you are a Personal account customer, all your letter format labels will be printed in landscape orientation by default.