Click & Drop IP addresses and URLs for security settings

If your business or operation uses firewalls and/or security settings, or your integrations are self-hosted, you may need to whitelist IP addresses or URLs used by Click & Drop and its associated technologies in order for us to import and process your orders. 


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IP addresses:

If you have the option, we recommend you whitelist URLs rather than IP addresses. This is because IP addresses are more subject to change whereas URL change very rarely. 

Click & Drop Inbound IPs (For website access, Click & Drop Desktop, Click & Drop API)

Click & Drop Outbound IPs (Relevant for self-hosted integrations such as Magento and WooCommerce)

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How can I test my connection?

If you wish to test your connection, there is a connection checker tool in the 'My Account' settings page. For more information, please see the following guide: How to test your connection to Click & Drop