Click & Drop IP addresses and URLs for security settings

If your business or operation uses firewalls and/or security settings, or your integrations are self-hosted, you may need to whitelist IP addresses or URLs used by Click & Drop and its associated technologies in order for us to import and process your orders. 


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IP addresses:

If you have the option, we recommend you whitelist URLs rather than IP addresses. This is because IP addresses are more subject to change whereas URL change very rarely. 

Important notice: Not all IP addresses listed below are currently in use, but we will be switching over to using them all from Thursday September 23rd 2021. We strongly advise you update your systems to include all IP addresses below where relevant before this date. 

Click & Drop Inbound IPs (For website access, Click & Drop Desktop, Click & Drop API)

Click & Drop Outbound IPs (Relevant for self-hosted integrations such as Magento and WooCommerce)

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How can I test my connection?

If you wish to test your connection, there is a connection checker tool in the 'My Account' settings page. For more information, please see the following guide: How to test your connection to Click & Drop