Click & Drop allows you to store details of your products. Once saved, these can be quickly added to future orders, or used in conjunction with shipping rules to automatically apply the correct service and packaging size for the weight and size of your products.

You can create your products either:

  • Manually 
  • As part of uploading a spreadsheet file.
  • Automatically - as orders download from your channels, product data they contain will be saved into your product catalogue. 

How do I manually create products?

From anywhere within Click & Drop, click the 'Products' link.


You will be directed to your 'Products' page. All of your created products will be displayed here.  To create a new product, click the 'Create product' button on the right hand side of the page:


A new window will appear with various fields for information about your product. 


Mandatory fields

Product name: This field has a limit of 100 characters.

Non-mandatory fields

Product SKU: If you enter product SKUs, please ensure each is unique. There is a limit of 100 characters. 

Package weight: Insert a number here, and use the grams/kilograms selector.

Package size (domestic/international): Select your package size(s) from the drop down list. Please note that small and medium parcel formats are only available for domestic orders. 

Product price (£): Enter the product price in pounds. Please do not include the '£' symbol. For international orders, your currency will be adjusted to current exchange rates.

Stock location: Enter the Warehouse/location of your stock if applicable

Harmonised System Code: Add your product HS code(s) here for international customs. For more information, see here:

'Add images' button: Click to add an image file from your computer. You can add multiple images this way.

Click the 'Create product' button when you are ready.

Your product will now be displayed within Click & Drop. 


How do I edit product I have created?

To edit or delete a product, click the product line to expand the row. You can edit any of the fields, and then click the 'Update' button when ready. 

Alternatively, to delete the product, click the 'delete' button.


How do I delete multiple products?

From your 'Products' page, use the checkboxes to select the products you would like to delete. At the bottom of the page, select the Delete' option as shown.

When you are ready, click the 'Go' button to delete the selected products:


Please note that is it not possible for you to restore deleted entries, so please be cautious when selecting entries to delete.