Adding customs information to your products

What countries require electronic customs?

As of January 2021 electronic customs are required for all international destinations. If you have provided the required data, Click & Drop will send this information automatically whenever you pay for your labels (Personal accounts) or manifest your orders (Online Business Accounts) in addition to generating the appropriate customs documentation for your shipment. 

Failure to satisfy customs requirements may result in delays, additional costs applied to your recipient, or rejections during customs clearance in the destination country. 

If you are posting orders internationally, all destinations require customs data. You can enable customs documentation in Click & Drop from your label format settings page. 

Whilst electronic advanced data is now mandatory and is captured by Click & Drop, there is a still a requirement to attach a physical CN22/23 document to the outside of your item. These are produced when you generate your label.

Please note, some destinations and services require a CN23 document regardless of shipment value, in such cases, Click & Drop will produce the appropriate CN23 for your shipment.


What information is required? 

The minimum required fields for all international destinations are:

  • Customs description
  • Extended customs description
  • Customs code (HS code, harmonised system or tariff code)
  • Country of origin
  • Quantity
  • Unit price

However, requirements vary between customs regions and customs schemes.

Adding customs information to new products

If you haven't already, Click & Drop allows you to create a product catalogue of the items you send. Once this data is added, products can be quickly added to your newly created orders, expediting the application of customs information to your shipments.

To start, hover your mouse over the 'Products' header and click the 'Create product' button.


Your product catalogue can store important data on SKU, name, weight, quantity, cost, customs code, and other fields.


For more information, please see here: How to manually create a product.

Add customs information to existing products

If you already have products saved in Click & Drop, you can export all the data in a spreadsheet format. To do so, click the 'Products' link from any page within Click & Drop. ExportOption.png

Your products will be displayed. Click the blue 'Export' button.

The exported spreadsheet will display all data fields, and show which are incomplete. From here, you can manually add in any missing data:

  • Customs description
  • Extended customs description
  • Customs code (harmonised system or tariff code)
  • Country of origin
  • Quantity
  • Unit price

We recommend that you also include a product SKU or product name column. Doing so will cause a new product to be created within your Click & Drop product catalogue. 


Be sure to save your edited spreadsheet to your computer or device.

Next, you will upload your edited spreadsheet back into Click & Drop in order to update your existing products. 

From anywhere within Click & Drop, hover your mouse over the 'products' link, and from the drop-down box, click Import.

Map your fields as usual, and be sure to select 'Update' under your import settings. 

For information on how to upload your products back into Click & Drop, please see the following guide: How to import your product data