In addition to creating each product manually in Click & Drop, you can upload multiple products at once via spreadsheet.

To begin, click Products on your Click & Drop menu bar, and on the dropdown menu, select Import.

You will be taken to the Product Import page. From here, you will be able to upload your spreadsheet and map the fields ready for import.



Step 1: File upload

Click the Upload a file button, and a pop-up window will appear where you can select the spreadsheet file from your computer or device:


Spreadsheets can be in CSV, XLS, XLSX, or ODS formats, no larger than 20MB and with no more than 20000 rows. Please ensure your spreadsheets do not contain macros.

Once you have selected your file, The ‘Upload file’ button will turn blue. Click it to proceed to the next step. 


 You will now be able to see your uploaded file on the Product import page:


Step 2: Import Settings

 In this section, there are two settings:

Check the ‘The first row is a header’ box if you have headers in your spreadsheet, and you do not wish for that row to be imported.


In the ‘Import mode’ drop down box, you have the following options:

‘Create’: The products import will be saved as new products

‘Update’: The products you import will update and overwrite your existing products

‘Create and update’: This option will create new products where the product SKU is not already in your saved products, and will overwrite your existing products where the SKU is the same.


Step 3: Field mappings

This section will display the columns in your spreadsheet. The next step is to map the columns to the fields in Click & Drop:


The fields available for mapping are:

  • Name
  • SKU
  • Stock Location
  • Initial Inventory
  • Weight in KG (number only)
  • Price (in pounds sterling, excluding tax. Please do not include £ sign)
  • Domestic package size (letter, large letter, small parcel, medium parcel, or parcel)
  • International Package Size (letter, large letter, or parcel)
  • Image URLs*

Customs Specific:

  • Country of Origin
  • HS Code
  • Customs Description
  • Extended Customs Description
  • Requires Export Licence 

Please note that SKU is the only required field, all the others are optional.

When you have mapped your fields, a green tick will indicate the SKU field has been mapped successfully:


Click the ‘Import Products’ button to finish.

When your product has been imported successfully, you will see the following message:


When you click ‘Products’ in your Click & Drop menu bar, you will now be presented with your list of products. Clicking an individual product will expand the window to display the product details.

Your new products will be uploaded as shown:


Please note that packaging sizes may differ for domestic and international orders.


What to do if your import has been created with errors:

If your import was created with errors, you will see a warning message: 


Click the text ‘See errors’ and you will be taken to the ‘Product import history’ page that will explain what caused the error: 


In our example, the value for ‘Price’ in row 2 of the spreadsheet was not in the correct format.

You would need to correct the values in the spreadsheet and begin the upload process again.


* Image URLs

For Image URLs, please include the https:// or http:// in the URL. For multiple URLs, include the vertical bar/pipe ( | ) symbol between each URL. Do not leave spaces.

Example for one image:

Example for two images:|