To create a postage label in Click & Drop, you will first need to create an order. Orders contain information about the recipient and destination of your post, but can also include additional information such as the marketplace or web-store your order came from, and information about the products you are sending.

If you have integrated one or more of your online marketplaces or web-stores, your orders will download automatically into Click & Drop ready for processing. Otherwise, you can manually create an order quickly and easily.


When would I need to create orders manually?

If you wish to send a one-off letter or parcel, or if you get an order through an external channel, such over the phone or in person, you can manually add the information to Click & Drop in order to generate your postage labels.


How do I create orders manually?

Within Click & Drop, click the 'Orders' link to view your 'Orders' page. Your past and present orders will be visible from this page.


To begin creating a new order, click the 'Create order' button.


A new window will appear where you can enter all of your customer or recipient's name and address details. 

All fields with a red asterisk are mandatory and must be filled in.

Note that you can use the 'Search for an address book entry or a UK address' field to type in the first part of the address. Select the address from the menu to automatically fill in the remaining address details. Alternatively, if you have already saved entries to your address book, you can use type in the 'Address reference' number to select that address.


At this stage, you can add some products to your order. Click the 'Add products' button and a new window will appear:


If you have created a product in Click & Drop before, you can type to search for an existing product in the 'Search for a product' bar. If not, you can type the information about your product in the fields provided.

Please note that if you are sending mail to countries which require customs documentation, you will automatically be presented with additional fields for customs information. 


If you wish to create the order without applying postage, click the 'Create order' button. Otherwise, you can click the 'Create order and apply' postage button now.

On the next page, you will be asked to enter the weight and packaging size of the package you are sending. Please note that this must be the combined weight of the product and the packaging used.

Once you have entered the weight, the different packaging types will become available to select.

Please note that certain services only permit certain packaging types.enterweight.png

Next, choose the service you would like to use to send your letter or parcel.

After you have selected yours service, additional service-specific options may become available to you in Section 3. You may tick any or all of the options that apply. 

For some services, such as Royal Mail Signed for 2nd Class, additional options may be automatically selected as they are included with the service.


Please note that by continuing, you automatically confirm that your letter or parcel does not contain any prohibited items.

You can also click the 'Save this service to your favourites' box in order for the service to be automatically selected the next time you apply postage to an eligible order.

When ready, click the 'Apply' button to apply the postage service  to the order, or click the 'Apply, Pay, and generate labels' button to pay for your postage (Personal customers only).

Online Business Account customers will see a button labelled 'Apply and generate labels' instead. 


Your postage label will be generated as a PDF file which can be printed and affixed to your letter or parcel.


Your order will now be visible from your 'Orders' page, and the status will have changed to 'Label Generated' status (Online Business Account customers) or 'Despatched' status (Personal customers).

labelgenerated.pngYou can reprint your labels at any time. To do so, first click the grey button to the left hand side of the order line, select 'Re-generate labels' from the drop down box, and then click the 'Go' button.