For orders imported via spreadsheet or the Dropbox service, you can now use your own codes to identify which shipping service you assign to your orders.

To begin, click the 'Settings' link from any page in Click & Drop.


Click 'Shipping Services'.


From here you will be able to view all your available shipping services. To create an alias, click any of your services to expand the row, and in the text box, type the alias you will use for that particular service, and click the 'Update' button when done.

Please note that you can only set one alias per service.


Saved aliases will be visible in your shipping services list. You are able to change aliases at any time.


Now when you import your orders, make sure you have mapped the 'Service Code' column. You can now enter your alias in this column instead of the standard Royal Mail service code.


In our example, this alias would apply the Royal Mail 48 (CRL48) service to the order.

Please note that services can only be applied for the correct weight, package size, and destination.