Custom label positioning (Personal accounts only)

Within Click & Drop, you can choose the position of your printed label on each A4 sheet of paper.

To do so, you must first make sure you have 'Separate label & despatch note template' as your default label setting. If you have already set your label template, skip step one and go to step two.


Step 1: Setting your default label template

Click the 'Settings' link at the top right of any page in Click & Drop to go to your settings page, then click 'Templates': 


On the 'Templates' settings page, ensure you have 'Separate label & despatch note template' selected, and choose any additional options.

For more information, see this guide: Choosing your label template.


Step 2: Applying postage and selecting label position

To select a custom label position, you will need to select one of your orders in 'New' status, or reapply postage to an existing order.

Click on the order to expand the order line. 


Click the 'Apply postage' button:


In the window that appears, choose the weight, packaging size, and service that will be applied to the order, and then scroll down the page to the option for custom label position. Check the 'Generate label with custom positioning' checkbox circled below:


Next, click the 'Apply and generate labels' button.

As this option makes changes to the label itself, The 'Apply' button will become greyed out if the 'Generate label with custom positioning' checkbox is checked.

A popup window will appear allowing you to select the position of your label. Simply click the position where you would like your label to be printed, then click the 'Ok' button when ready.


Once you have paid for your label, your label will now print on the chosen position.