When you generate a postage label in Click & Drop, there are many ways you can print and attach your label to your post. Click & Drop is compatible with both Zebra, and standard home and office printers.

You will need to ensure your printers are set up correctly. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide technical support for printers.


With Click & Drop you can:

1. Using your label printer, print onto a 6x4 sticky label 

2. Using your household or office printer, print directly onto an A4 sheet, including A4 sheets of sticky labels.

If you are a personal customer, you can choose the position your label takes on each A4 sheet of labels. To do so, please see this guide: Custom label positioning (Personal customers)

3. Using your household or office printer, print your label onto plain paper, and then affix the printed label to your mail. Glue or clear sticky tape are both suitable for this, providing the label is not defaced or obscured, and the barcodes are still readable. 

4. Using your household or office printer, print your postage label directly onto a DL or C5 envelope

5. Reprint any label you have previously generated 

If you change your label settings and then reprint an old label, the newly printed label will reflect your changed settings. This way, if you print a label the wrong size or position for example, the reprint will be correct.

Before you begin please take a moment to review our label templates in order to choose the correct label template for you: Choosing your label template


Please be aware that if you use custom contrast printer settings, or you resize any labels produced from Click & Drop, this may make them incompatible with our bar code scanners, and may prevent or disrupt tracking information and notifications.