How to configure multiple workstations with Click & Drop Desktop (Online Business Account customers)

A 'workstation' is a term meaning a computer or device, and the printers that are connected to it. If you import your orders with Click & Drop Desktop and you wish for your labels to be printed automatically, you will need to set up at least one workstation.

Setting up multiple workstations allows multiple users to import orders into the same Click & Drop account, and send labels they process to different printers. 

What do I need to install on each additional computer/device?

If you have not already installed and configured Click & Drop Desktop, please see this guide: How to import orders with Click & Drop Desktop. You will need to do this first.

Once downloaded, go to settings and set your 'Watch directory'. This should be the same watch directory for all of your workstations. Please do not select your individual workstation folders at this point. 

If you wish for your labels to print automatically, and your watch directory is on a shared server or network location, you only need to install Click & Drop Desktop on the server or network machine. Please note: You will need to have Click & Drop Desktop version 2.1 or later, with Auto Print enabled on each machine you wish to print from.

If you wish for your labels to print automatically, and your watch directory is not on a shared server or network location, you will need to install Click & Drop Desktop with Auto Print enabled on every workstation you wish to print from.


For more information, please see this guide: How to connect Royal Mail Auto Print.

Please note that if you are using multiple workstations within Click & Drop, you do not need to configure your printers in Click & Drop Desktop - but you must have Auto Print switched on and configured.

Configuring your workstations

To begin, go to your Settings page, and click the 'Integrations' tile. In the new window that opens, click Click anywhere within your 'Click & Drop Desktop'. integration to expand the line and view additional information.


In order to configure multiple workstations, you must first ensure the 'Print labels automatically after import' button is checked.

Next, click the 'Configure workstations' button.


You will be presented with the screen that will display each workstation that you have connected to Click & Drop. A workstation is a particular machine or device that you or your staff may use.

When you configure a workstation, Click & Drop will be able to detect any printers installed on that device or machine, so please ensure your printers are installed correctly.

To configure a workstation, click the 'Add workstation' button.


From the drop down menus, select the workstation you are currently on, and then select which printer should be used for each type of label/document.

The options available here are dependent on your label template settings. For information on how to change or review your label settings, please see this guide: Choosing your label template.


If you choose to use the 'Is default' setting, all documents dropped into your 'Watch' folder will be automatically send to your default printer. 

Click the 'Save' button when ready.

To configure a different workstation, log into Click & Drop on that particular machine or device, and click the 'Add workstation' button again to repeat the process.

Which folder should I drop my spreadsheets into?

Within your 'Watch' folder, a new folder will have been created for each workstation you have configured.

When you are working on a particular workstation, you will need to drop your file into that particular workstation's folder. 

In the example below, two different workstations have been configured, 'Workstation A' and 'Workstation B'.

If you drop your file into your 'Workstation A' folder, your labels will print from the printers configured for 'Workstation A', and your labels, results files, and processed spreadsheets will all be placed into correct folders.