Troubleshooting your Magento connection

If you are encountering difficulties with your Magento integration, please try the following checks:


I can’t make a connection to my Magento store

If you are receiving errors such as ‘Sorry, we couldn’t establish a connection to your Magento store';

  1. Check the version of your Magento. We support Version 1.6 and above, so please keep your version as up to date as possible.
  2. Check the SSL certificate of your website – it must be up to date in order for Click & Drop to create a successful integration. Check this by going to your Magento Website in any browser, and looking for a green ‘padlock’ icon in the top left hand corner. If this isn’t visible, we may not be able to connect to your store.
  3. Please double check the following information is correct:
    • Store URL
    • User Name
    • API Key
  4. Check there are no extra characters or spaces in these fields, and that the user name and API key match in both your Magento admin panel and Click & Drop.
  5. Check if your web hosting service has IP address restrictions in place. You may need to whitelist our IP addresses. Please contact our support team for this information. 
  6. Check that your website has the PHP SOAP extension installed & SOAP API is configured. For more information, please consult Magento's community forums at
  7. Clear your WSDL Cache.
  8. If your website data is held in your own database, you may need to check you have a column for "api_key" data, and that this column is varchar(100).


I have successfully connected my Store, but none of my orders are downloading into Click & Drop

If your store has successfully connected, you should expect for your orders to begin to download within 30 minutes. Click & Drop downloads orders that are no older than seven days old and are in the status ‘Processing’. Some Magento websites use custom statuses that you can set; but please be aware we are unable to download orders in any status other than ‘Processing’.

If after this time, your orders still have not downloaded into Click & Drop, you'll need to check the following:

  • You have entered the correct User Name
  • You have selected the correct User Roles
  • Check the ‘Resource Access’ setting in Magento is set to ‘All’
  • If you have multiple Magento Store Views - check that you have selected the correct Magento store from the drop down list.
  • Check the status code of your orders is correct. Most stores will have orders in 'processing' status, but your store may differ.

If you have chosen to 
Check that WS1-Compliance Mode is set to 'No', and 'Enable WSDL Cache' is set to 'No' in your Magento Core API settings:

Please note this setting only applies to V1 Magento websites.



I have successfully connected my Store, but some of my orders are not downloading into Click & Drop

If only some of your orders are downloading into Click & Drop, please check that your orders are no more than seven days old, and are in status ‘Processing’. Some Magento websites use custom order statuses, and this will need to be checked in your Magento integration settings.

If after this time, an order hasn’t downloaded into Click & Drop, please check the following:

  • Your orders have been paid for, or that payment is not currently pending
  • The customer address details for the order are valid and correct. Orders with insufficient name and address data will not be downloaded into Click & Drop, and you'll need to process these orders manually. 
  • The 'Store View' of the order has to match the 'Store View' associated with each Magento integration. If you have multiple stores with different store views, you may need to create a separate integration for each.
  • If you use a third party adaptor or plugin that downloads orders from your other online marketplaces stores into your Magento, check that these orders have both shipping and billing address data. If not, you will need to manually update Magento to ensure that both fields are completed.
  • Click & Drop is currently unable to download orders containing 'group' products. At present, we only support orders containing 'simple' products. 
  • Check the status code of your orders is correct. Most stores will have orders in 'processing' status, but your store may differ.

Important Note: We regret to inform that we cannot offer support for any other third party plugins, adaptors, or applications. If you connect other your other marketplaces or webstores to your Magento store, Please consider setting up a direct integration to your other marketplaces in Click & Drop instead.