Click & Drop requires you to set one or more Trading names. This can be the brand under which you operate, or just your own name and address. 

Trading names are important because they provide your customers with:

  • an identifying name for your store
  • an address where your business (or part of your business) operates from
  • a return address, so customers can return damaged or unwanted goods
  • customer service contact information (this is optional)
  • additional information for customs documents

You are free to create as many trading names as you like. Every integration you create within Click & Drop must have one of your trading names associated to it.

To begin, click the 'Settings' link from any page within Click & Drop, and then click the 'Trading names' tile. 


Your trading names will be displayed here. By default, this will be the address details you added when you first created your account.


To add a new trading name, click the blue 'Add a new trading name' button. 

To edit an existing trading name, click the row and it will expand to show more details:


Trading name & address settings

Trading name: This name is a short reference used within Click & Drop to refer to this trading name. Examples might be 'Main Office' or 'Warehouse 1'.

Trading address: Select the company address to be associated with this trading name. You can add or edit these details in Settings > Company Address. 

Return address: Select the company address that will be displayed as this trading name's return address on all relevant paperwork. You can add or edit these details in Settings > Company Address. 

Customer service contact details

Phone number: If included, this number will display on any despatch notes that are created. 

Email address: If included, this email address will display on any despatch notes that are created. 

Website address: If included, this email address will display on any despatch notes that are created. 
Customs information

Customs information

Full namePlease enter a correct full name of a responsible individual at this trading name. This name will be displayed as 'Sender' on relevant customs documentation (CN22 and CN23) for international orders, and will not appear on standard domestic labels.

Company EORI number: If you post items within the European Union (EU),  EU Customs authorities require EORI Numbers for all UK Exports. You will need to register with HMRC in order to obtain an EORI number. Please refer to the UK Government website for registration details. Once you have obtained an EORI number, please provide it in this field.

VAT number: If you are VAT registered, and you post items internationally, please provide your 'Senders VAT Number' in this field.

Important note: This field has been added in preparation for January 2021 Brexit changes to international customs. You can add data to this field in preparation, and it will be passed in electronic customs. however, this value will not appear on customs documentation until it is a mandatory requirement.

Despatch note and label images

Please note that all Trading name and address data is mandatory, and all customer service contact details are optional.

For more information on custom images, please see this guide: How to add custom images


When you have finished making your changes, Click the 'Save button' in the bottom right hand corner of the page.