How to test your connection to Click & Drop

Firewalls on your system or corporate network can potentially cause issues with communication to some Click & Drop services. If a connection cannot be established, your system may not be able to generate labels.
In order to fix this, you may need to change your security settings and allow your network to communicate with the various IP addresses and/or URLs used by Click & Drop.
If there is a problem with your connection, you will receive a warning message:
This message will occur only once, and should prompt you to check your connection.
To test your connection, Click 'My account' in the top right of any page within Click & Drop. On the next page, click the 'My profile' tile shown below:
You will be directed to your profile, where a 'Test connection' button will be visible. 
Click the 'Test connection' button. If the test is successful, the grey chain link icon will turn green and a message will appear to state that the connection has been successful.
If the connection has failed, the grey chain link icon will turn red, and a message will appear with more information:
In our example, the connection has failed because one of the required URLs was blocked by a firewall or network settings. The list of URLs may differ. 
Please note we are not always able to retrieve the full list of blocked URLs.
If your connection has failed, we would advise you to whitelist the full list of URLs and IP addresses used by Click & Drop. For the full list, please see this guide: Click & Drop IP addresses and URLs for security settings.