Click & Drop requires you to set one or more Trading names. Each of these is the name and address that you will use when sending out your post, and the return address should your customers or recipients wish to send items back to you. 

This can be the brand under which you operate, or just your own name and address. 

To begin, click the 'Settings' link from any page within Click & Drop, and then click the 'Trading names' tile. 


Your trading names will be displayed here. By default, this will be the address details you added when you first created your account.


To add a new trading name, click the blue 'Add a new trading name' button. 

Please note that all Trading name and address data is mandatory, and all customer service contact details are optional.

For more information on custom images, please see this guide: How to add custom images


Click the 'Save button' when ready. 


Trading names are important because they provide your customers with:

  • an identifying name for your store
  • a trading address, detailing where your business operates from
  • a return address, so customers can return damaged or unwanted goods
  • customer service contact information (this is optional).

While multiple trading names can be created, it’s only possible to have one instance within any given channel or store. (It’s possible, however, to use the same trading name across both the .com and variants of a channel.)