This glossary provides further details about many of the commonly found terms used in Click & Drop.


A batch is a group of orders. You can select multiple orders with common attributes and process them as a batch. This allows you to apply the same action to multiple orders at once, saving you time while processing.


A carrier is a company or organisation that provides a shipping service e.g. Royal Mail.


A channel is a third-party online marketplace or web store such as eBay or Amazon.

Default Customs

Customs data we will automatically apply to international shipments when applying postage, if no customs data was provided at the time of import or order creation. You can change these during the Apply Postage stage if you have specific customs data for a shipment that you did not have at the time of order creation / import. 


To manifest an order is to commit the service you’ve bought to your Online Business Account (OBA) for billing. A Royal Mail van driver will also use the manifest document to make sure they have collected all the correct packages.


An order contains the name and address details of the recipient of your letter or parcel, and each order has a unique shipping label. Orders can be downloaded from various channels, can be imported into Click & Drop via spreadsheet, or can be created manually for one-off shipments.

Shipping rule

A shipping rule is an customisable setting that automatically assigns a postage service to your orders depending on criteria you set.


A service is a postage product you can attach to an order e.g. Royal Mail Signed For® 1st Class.


A store is a shop-front within a channel. It’s possible to have more than one store in any given channel.

Trading name

A trading name is the brand under which you operate one or more stores. You can use the same trading name across multiple channels.