Troubleshooting your Click & Drop Desktop integration

The current version of Click & Drop Desktop is 1.0.1


1. What do I do if my files are not importing successfully?

If your file is not importing successfully, please check the following:

We do not recommend you delete and recreate your Click & Drop Desktop integration at this stage as this can potentially cause other issues. 

1. Is your internet connection stable? 

2. Have you mapped the columns in your spreadsheets first via a spreadsheet order import?

3. Have you added any new columns to your spreadsheet recently? If so you will need to map your spreadsheet again. 

4. Does the data in your spreadsheet match Click & Drop's order import field specifications?

5. Is your 'Watch' folder on a network drive or location? If so, check you have 'Polling mode' enabled in your Click & Drop Desktop advanced settings. 

6. If one or more of your files is 'stuck' and has not imported, please try closing the app down and then restarting. This action will also force any automatic updates that are due.


2. I am encountering issues while using a network drive

Disclaimer: Issues on network drives can occur due to 'file update events' not triggering as often. If you attempt to connect to a network drive using Click & Drop Desktop please ensure you enable the advanced polling option in the settings section. Common issues that can occur on network setups:

  1. Permission issues
  2. Files stuck in the watch folder
  3. Extended import times

We recommend contacting your network administrator if you find yourself suffering from any of the above issues. 


3. Can I create a second Click & Drop Desktop integration?

You can only have one Click & Drop integration active. If you have multiple trading names, you will need to map a 'Trading names' column to allow you to specify different return addresses per order.


4. My results file is empty

If files are not being placed in your results folder, this may be because your orders are in 'Postage applied' status and not 'Label generated'. If this is the case, please check that:

1. Your orders have a valid weight, package size, and service, and that the columns in your spreadsheet is correctly mapped.

2. Your Royal Mail Print Assist is switched on.

3. Your printer is not switched off, or is not producing errors.


5. One of my workstations is not producing labels

If one or more of your workstations is not producing labels when you have dropped a file into it, please check the following: 

1. Your Royal Mail Print Assist is switched on.

2. You are logged into the Click & Drop Desktop application on the workstation.

3. Your printer is not switched off or is not producing errors.

4. You have installed Click & Drop Desktop and Royal Mail Print Assist on each of your workstations

5. Check that the installed applications are up to date. You can force an automatic update by closing and then restarting the application.

6. Check that each of your installed applications has the same 'Watch' folder. Please do not select

an individual workstation folder as your 'Watch' folder.


6. I'm generating duplicate labels

If you are experiencing this issue then it is likely due to running Click & Drop desktop on a network drive in conjunction with multiple workstations, we would recommend running only one version of the Click & Drop Desktop app instead of one per workstation in this scenario.


7. My application is displaying a “No internet connection” error.

If you are experiencing this issue, it is likely that your have a firewall or other internet security software which is denying access to the app. You may need to add the app to your 'allowed list', or whitelist our IP addresses. Our support team can provide these. 


8. Can Click & Drop Desktop Product CN22/CN23 documents?

If you have checked the 'Generate customs declaration with Orders' option in your Label format settings page, then CN22 or CN23 documents will automatically be produced for any international orders imported where customs declarations are required. 

The .PDF files will be saved to your results folder. 


If your issue still persists after checking the above, please contact our support team.