There may be occasions where you wish to create a new order that is a copy of an existing order. For example, you have made alterations to an existing order, and you would like to keep the same recipient name and address data, or you need to split a larger order down into two separate parcels.

To clone an order, you will first need to navigate to either the Orders or Manifested Orders grid.

Select the order you would like to clone, and from the Quick Actions dropdown box, select 'Clone', and then click the blue 'Go' button.

A new order will be created that is a copy of that order. All information will be identical, except the channel will display as being created from a manual order channel.

Additionally, any tracking information will be removed because you will need to generate a new label for the order.

Depending on the status of the original order, the status of the cloned order may change:

Old order status Cloned order status
New New
Postage Applied Postage Applied 
Label Generated  Postage Applied 
Despatched  Postage Applied  
Despatched by Other Courier           New


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