If you have an OLP account, you can now arrange a collection with Royal Mail's Parcel Collect from within Click & Drop.


Configuring Your Settings

Sign in to your Click & Drop account and proceed to Settings / Collections:



In Settings / Collections you can enter the address from which you want your shipments collected, and let us know if there is an animal hazard at your address. Once entered, click Save. You can change this at any time:




Booking a Collection

Please select between 1 and 10 orders with a status of Label generated.

Using the Other actions menu, select Book collection:



You will then be presented with the Book collection window showing a summary of the orders you are arranging to be collected, the address from which they will be collected and the date of the collection. The window also shows the remaining time your selected collection is reserved for until you book and pay for your collection:




Finally, you will be presented with a Payment summary page detailing the shipments you are booking collections for, and the remaining time this collection is reserved for until you book and pay: