Latest release information (Personal account customers)

Click & Drop version 6.2 - 09/05/18 

  1. Compensation values have been increased to £100 for Tracked Online services.
  2. To speed up order processing, all orders imported via spreadsheet (including Dropbox) that would import in 'Postage applied' or 'label generated' status will automatically be placed in a batch.
  3. Fixed a bug which incorrectly displayed available printers in the 'Configure workstations' section of Dropbox integrations.
  4. Fixed a bug which could cause errors if a blank file was imported via Dropbox.
  5. Fixed a bug which could cause errors when logged into Click & Drop in multiple tabs.

Click & Drop version 6.1 - 12/04/18 

  1. For order imports, we have added columns for SMS notification and Email notification service enhancements. For more information, please see our Order import guides. Service enhancements will only be available for certain services.
  2. For customers who use their own service codes in order imports, we have allowed services to be mapped with a 'Service alias', which you can set against each of your services in your settings page.
  3. We have fixed a bug which sometimes caused payments to freeze in 'pending' status. Such payments will now automatically fail if we have been unable to process them within half an hour. You will be able to safely retry such payments, and will not be charged twice.
  4. Address book entries can now be deleted in bulk.
  5. Products can now be deleted in bulk. 
  6. A 'Save as default mapping' option has been included for spreadsheet order imports. This will remember all column positions for future imports if there are no column headers to specify the column data.
  7. We have added a date format box for order imports.
  8. We have increased the number of available country mapping options for domestic orders. Now any commonly used identifier in the 'Country' column or spreadsheet order imports will be valid. Examples include 'GB', 'England', 'Scotland Mainland'.
  9. Clicking outside of the Create order window will no longer cause the window to be closed.
  10. Fixed a bug where previously read user messages could not be deleted.


Click & Drop version 6.0 - 13/03/18

  1. We have introduced landscape printing for DL envelopes. Now all labels printed for orders with 'letter' packaging format will be rotated to fit. This way you can print directly onto envelopes, or affix your labels as usual. 
  2. For eCommerce marketplace channels (Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Etsy, Magento, Not on the High Street, and Shopify) we have added an 'Upload delivery confirmation to channel' optional setting in your channel and stores settings page. This will be selected by default. You may uncheck the box to prevent Click & Drop from uploading your delivery confirmation numbers to your store.
  3. We have added the option to mark orders as 'Despatched by other courier', which can be performed on the 'Apply postage' stage of order processing, or via shipping rules. This will keep the order in Click & Drop, but it will not appear in your 'New orders', 'Orders ready for printing', 'Orders ready for despatch', or 'Orders despatched today' dashboard figures. You will not be able to apply postage or generate labels for orders marked as despatched by another courier, but you will be able to reset or delete the order if you decide.
  4. Click & Drop will now automatically download HS codes from your eCommerce marketplace orders, if present. These will be displayed in your order and product data.
  5. To protect your overseas mail, and to signify an international label requires scanning before it is sent overseas, a large letter 'F' will be displayed on the left hand side of the airmail block. 
  6. We have fixed a bug where yellow warning triangles could sometimes appear on the dashboard if Click & Drop is open in more than one window or tab. For better performance, we do recommend running Click & Drop in only one window or tab if possible.
  7. We have fixed a bug where label generation could sometimes fail if generating a label for an order which contained a product with a SKU longer than 100 characters.
  8. We have fixed a bug which sometimes prevented despatch notes and customs generation forms from being sent to different printers when using Royal Mail Print Assist
  9. We are performing various fixes to issues where labels could not be generated even though payments had been successful.


Click & Drop version 5.8 - 29/01/18

  • We are proud to announce our newest marketplace integration. Click & Drop can now be integrated with your Etsy store. For more information on how to connect your store, see this guide: How to integrate your Etsy store. 
  • In order to help customs officials, and to further help your international mail get to its destination, All labels to international destinations will now include a 1D barcode by default.
  • We have added tool-tips and shortcuts to the Dashboard to make it easier to get started with Click & Drop.
  • We have reduced loading times when creating a manual order from Address book entries.
  • The format of international addresses has been corrected to match international labels from Online Business Accounts. 


Click & Drop version 5.7 - 09/01/18

  1. We have redesigned the 'Templates' settings page to make it more intuitive and easier to use.
  2. A 'Miscellaneous' section has been added to the 'Settings' menu. This section includes the 'Mark order as despatched when label is generated'  option, as well as options to enable future dated orders (Online business accounts), and timezone settings.
  3. For customers with Dropbox integrations, a new 'Results' folder will be created within the 'Click & Drop' folder which will contain your successfully imported files.
  4. 'Harmonised System (HS) codes' will now be stored as an optional field against your orders.
  5. We have updated how we handle eBay orders with no Shipping Address - such as 'Collection only' orders. As these orders do not need to be shipped, they will no longer be downloaded into Click & Drop.
  6. We have fixed a bug which occasionally caused some PayPal payments to freeze in 'Pending' status. If there has been a temporary difficult contacting PayPal, your payment will be marked as failed. Please wait a moment and then attempt to make the payment again. You will not be charged twice.


Click & Drop Version 5.6 - 28/11/17

  1. We have changed our Shopify integration from a private app to a public app to make the integration process quicker and easier to perform. 
  2. Improved the filtering of your orders when viewing the site in Firefox.
  3. Fixed a bug which prevented some orders from downloading from Magento if they were paid via a non standard payment method (non PayPal or direct payment).
  4. Fixed a bug that caused some orders to fail to import from Channels when the product SKU contained at least one non-Latin characters.
  5. International Economy (IEOLP) service is now available to Personal customers