Latest release information (Online Business Account customers)

Click & Drop 7.5 - Release date 22/09/20 20:00:00

  1. So that shipping updates occur more frequently throughout the day, we have changed the frequency of marking eBay orders as despatched so that the updater can run every 30 minutes between 09:00 and 17:00, and every 105 minutes between 17:00 and 09:00.
  2. We have improved text wrapping on labels to prevent some ‘return address’ text from wrapping onto the next line unnecessarily.
  3. Fixed a bug which sometimes caused only one company name header and image to be used when printing documents from a batch containing orders with multiple trading names.
  4. Fixed a bug which could sometimes cause a product to be created for international orders where customs information and SKU had been added on the ‘Create order’ page.
  5. Fixed a bug which could allow both SafePlace and Local Collect service enhancements on orders imported via spreadsheet.
  6. Fixed a bug on the Scan & Print page which could sometimes cause only the top row to be printed when more than one order is returned for a single barcode.
  7. Fixed a bug which could sometimes cause customs documents to be incorrectly generated for domestic orders in batches containing both domestic and international orders.
  8. Fixed a bug which could sometimes cause the ‘Order ref’ field to be automatically selected too slowly when opening the new ‘Create Order’ page.

Click & Drop 7.4 - Release date 02/09/20

  1. We have added support for the following international Amazon integrations: Australia, Brazil, India, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey
  2. After gathering feedback, we have included a series of improvements to the new ‘Create order’ page, including:
    a) Moving the ‘order reference’ field to the top of the page
    b) Increased the size of ‘Save’ buttons
    c) Improved the size and colour contrast of on-page text
    d) Made it clearer visually that name or company name are mandatory, and not both
    e) Improved field alignment at lower page resolutions
  3. We have updated landscape letter label formats to the newest label type.
  4. We have improved the design and layout of the ‘My account’ section.

Click & Drop 7.3 - Release date 11/08/20

  1. We are preventing new Dropbox integrations from being created. Existing integrations will remain unaffected.
  2. We have removed shipping cost from the total cost calculation on CN22 customs documents. 
  3. Fixed a bug which could cause shipping updates to WooCommerce to repeat hourly. 

Click & Drop 7.2 - Release date 22/07/20

  1. We have added a tool to allow you to check if your network or firewall is allowing communication with Click & Drop. For more information, please see the following guide: How to check your connection to Click & Drop
  2. We have added instructions for Post Offices and improved grouping of services on Sales Order Summary (manifest) paperwork.
  3. We have fixed a bug which could cause the value of orders imported in currencies other than GBP (£) to be incorrectly displayed in GBP (£).
  4. We have fixed a bug which could cause some order reference numbers of imported orders to be incorrectly displayed.
  5. We have fixed a bug which could sometimes cause Tracked w/Signature orders to create Tracked labels. 

Click & Drop 7.1 - Release date 30/06/20

  1. We have continued work on improving our labels, and we are rolling out the new label designs across all remaining formats. 
  2. We have fixed a bug which could limit the number of orders we are able to download from Shopify stores each time we attempt a connection.
  3. We have fixed a bug which could cause sometimes prevent the mandatory 'package contents' section of order processing to appear for order to the Channel Islands.  

Click & Drop 6.33 - Release date - 19/05/20

  1. We have added MacOS compatibility for Click & Drop Desktop. For more information, please see the following guide: How to import orders with Click & Drop Desktop
  2. We are rolling out the newest postage label and customs document designs across different label formats and sizes across Click & Drop.
  3. We have removed some misleading arrows from Click & Drop's menu headers.
  4. We have added some new check boxes to the 'Default customs information' settings for the new CN22 checkboxes for ‘Documents’ and ‘Returned goods’.
  5. Improvements have been made to the manifesting process to ensure quicker and more reliable processing of manifests containing very large volumes of orders. 
  6. We have made an improvement to the font size of recipient address on the new label style so that text will automatically resize based on the length of each line, and longer lines will wrap onto the next line where space allows.
  7. We have fixed a bug which could change the icon of orders imported via CSV imports, Click & Drop Desktop, or Dropbox to that of an eCommerce integration channel, where the mapped trading name matches the trading name for the existing eCommerce integration
  8. We have fixed a bug that could cause postcodes to become unrecognised for orders downloaded from channels that have leading or trailing spaces in the postcode.
  9. Fixed a bug which could sometimes prevent SKU values appearing on customs documentation.

Click & Drop 6.32 - Release date - 28/04/20

  1. We have enabled the Future dated orders feature for all OBA accounts. If you do not already have this feature, please see our guide: How to future date your orders (Online Business Account customers).
  2. We have made a change to channel order imports, so if an order downloads in with a missing value for SKU, we will use the product name instead of adding a sequential number.
  3. We have upgraded our Shopify integration to ensure continued support. You will not need to do anything, and your integration will continue to function as usual.
  4. We are continuing to improve our systems to continue to provide you with consistent document generation speeds across a wide range of labels and additional documents. 

Click & Drop 6.31 - Release date - 07/04/20

  1. We have added 'email' and 'phone' as additional optional columns on the 'Despatched orders report' and 'Manifested orders report'.
  2. We have made improvements to WooCommerce so that orders will download even if they are missing a value for 'country'. You will need to add the missing country value to the orders before they can be despatched.
  3. We have improved the layout and design of the ‘Default customs information’ settings page and added the option to produce preview CN22 and CN23 documents.
  4. To help reconciliation between your in-store postage methods and chosen shipping services, we have made a change to orders and manifested orders grids, so that both store postage method (if present) and Royal mail shipping service will be displayed on the expanded grid view.
  5. We have allowed Cross-Border Tracked Returns services to be selected from appropriate drop-down menus if those services are present on your account.
  6. We have fixed a bug which could cause orders from WooCommerce accounts to download into Click & Drop newest first, instead of oldest first.

Click & Drop 6.30 - Release date 17/03/20

  1. We have added support for the new Royal Mail Cross Border services. Following the release, if you are eligible for Cross Border services, please allow a few days for these to be activated on your Click & Drop account. 
  2. When generating CN23 customs documents, we have added a setting in your Trading names settings page to allow you to enter the full name that will be printed on each document for each of your different trading addresses.
  3. We have made some improvements to CSV order imports:
    a) We will provide better error messaging for how we handle corrupt or unsupported file types
    b) If there is a problem with your column headers, we will always try to upload your orders even if we are unable to save your mappings. 
  4. We have fixed a bug which could occasionally cause the Apply Postage page to run slowly. 

Click & Drop 6.29 - Release date 25/02/20

  1. We have enabled the beta version of our new manual Create Order page for all accounts. For a time, and until more feedback is collected, the option will exist to switch to and from the new and old pages.
  2. We have improved the ‘Apply postage’ page to increase the maximum weight for services according to the most up-to-date service weight limits.
  3. We have added a new option to the WooComerce integration settings page, allowing customers to add text and tracking numbers, which will be passed back to WooCommerce in the ‘notes’ field when orders are updated. For more information, please see the following page: How to integrate your WooCommerce store.
  4. We have added a new option to the Scan & Print page. On occasions where the value entered could match both a Click & Drop order number and a channel order reference number on separate orders, Click & Drop will ask you to specify which order you wish to generate the label for. It will also allow you to set whether Click & Drop order number, or your own order reference should be used as the default in the case of duplicates.
  5. We have updated UK bank holiday dates in Click & Drop according to
  6. We have fixed a bug which caused the Manifested Orders grid to temporarily display package contents on orders after the package contents had been removed.

Click & Drop 6.28 - Release date 08/01/2020

  1. We have made an improvement to label printing behaviour across the website which includes:
    a) Ensuring that an order cannot be edited once a label is created. It must be reset in order to produce a different label, tracking number, and/or edit package contents.
    b) Ensuring that once created, a label can always be reprinted.
  2. We have added checkboxes to the ‘apply postage’ stage of order processing, and ‘package contents’ interface to allow you to decide if order totals should be automatically recalculated when order contents change.
  3. We have added error handling that will warn you and temporarily disable WooCommerce channels after repeated attempts to download orders with missing ‘Country’ values.
  4. We have made a change so that package contents can always be displayed on the Orders grid even if a Product is missing in Click & Drop.
  5. We have improved the full-page search results to display company name if both first and last names are missing from a retrieved order.
  6. Fixed a bug which could prevent the ‘Order total’ value of an order from being recalculated after package contents are edited.
  7. Fixed a bug which caused an error if some non-standard characters were entered in the input box of the Scan & Print page.
  8. Fixed a bug which could prevent successful printing of despatch notes through Click & Drop Desktop if the label and despatch note formats are different.
  9. Fixed a bug which could cause the old tracking number to be displayed on a label if the order triggers a CN23 document to be generated, and postage has been reapplied at least once.

Click & Drop 6.27 - Release date 12/11/19

  1. We have removed the 5kg limit on the ‘Apply postage’ page and during spreadsheet import validation for printed papers orders. The limit is now dependent on the service used. 
  2. We have added the ability to specify custom order statuses for downloaded and updated orders for EKM integrations.
  3. To prevent authentication errors, we have made a change to ban multiple Click & Drop EKM integrations to the same EKM account.
  4. We have implemented a nightly process which will attempt to fix any manifests that have one or more orders still in 'despatched' status. 
  5. We have updated all logging mechanisms for Click & Drop Desktop to make the service more reliable.
  6. Fixed a bug that could cause a spreadsheet order import to fail if a blank address book reference existed in a mapped field
  7. Fixed a bug that could cause eBay shipping updates to fail if the company name contains characters not supported in standard Microsoft Windows filenames.
  8. Fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed the text ‘LBT’ in the new TPA and TPB services.

Click & Drop 6.26 - Release date 15/10/19 

  1. We have made a change to allow you to upload an image file to use as a signature on CN22 and CN23 customs documents, and for the order data to be automatically included. For more information, please see our guide: How to set default customs information.
  2. We have made a change to allow single name orders via spreadsheet imports and in address book entries.
  3. We made a change to hide all anonymised orders from dashboard figures.
  4. We have updated the dimensions shown on screen for large letters across to match current Royal Mail specifications.
  5. Fixed a bug that could incorrectly display some information after Title in the address section of labels.
  6. fixed a bug which could prevent orders downloading from certain channels if the order had a product SKU that matched an existing SKU prefixed by a leading space in Click & Drop

Click & Drop 6.25 - Release date 24/09/19

  1. We have added a setting to the Default customs information page to allow you to select which of the four boxes is checked on CN22 documents by default. For more information, please see: How to set default customs information.
  2. We have added 'Order tags' to expanded rows on the Batches grid.
  3. We have added the option in Shipping Service settings for Tracked Returns labels to be produced automatically for all orders of a chosen service. For more information, please see: How to create tracked returns labels (Online Business Account customers).
  4. We have restored Kosovo as a valid international destination.
  5. We have updated compensation levels on various services from £500 to £750.
  6. We have fixed a bug where some future dated orders without an order date were incorrectly assigned to the previous day.
  7. We have fixed a bug where some orders from WooCommerce could be incorrectly assigned the wrong country if the country field in WooCommerce was blank.
  8. We have fixed a bug where some reprinted CN22 and CN23 documents for manifested orders older than 7 days did not contain product information.
  9. We have fixed a bug where the errors.txt file output by Click & Drop Desktop could be created in the ‘Labels’ folder instead of the ‘Results’ folder.

Click & Drop 6.23 - Release date 03/09/19

  1. We are removing unused ‘Account import number’ columns from the Order import history page and ‘Account product import’ columns from the Product import history page and replacing them with a new ‘Filename’ column.
  2. Fixed a bug which prevented multiple CN22 documents from printing on the same page when 2 or more labels per A4 page label format is selected.
  3. We have fixed a bug affecting spreadsheet order imports that required a postcode field to be populated for countries which do not require them.
  4. We have fixed a bug which could prevent some phone numbers and/or email addresses being downloaded from EKM and OnBuy
  5. We have fixed a bug which could cause label generation errors when resetting the number of labels per page.
  6. We have fixed a bug which allowed the Safeplace service enhancement to be incorrectly applied to SD services.

Click & Drop 6.22 - Release date 13/08/19

  1. We are pleased to announce our newest eCommerce integration: EKM. For more information on how to integrate your OnBuy store with Click & Drop so you can download and update your orders, please see our guide: How to integrate your EKM store.
  2. We have increased the number of orders per spreadsheet that can be imported via Click & Drop Desktop from 50 to 2000.
  3. We have removed unused tracking numbers for large letter STL service orders.
  4. We have made various wording and tool tip improvements across the site.

Click & Drop 6.21.1 - Release date 24/07/19

  1. We are pleased to announce our newest eCommerce integration: Bluepark. Fore more information on how to integrate your OnBuy store with Click & Drop so you can download and update your orders, please see our guide: How to integrate your Bluepark store.
  2. We have released a new version of Click & Drop Desktop. For more information, please see our guide: Click & Drop Desktop Release Information.

Click & Drop 6.21 - Release date 09/07/19

  1. As a safety precaution, all manifests stuck in ‘in progress’ status will now automatically fail after 30 minutes.
  2. We have added improved error handling to Click & Drop Desktop so files containing invalid data will move to ‘failed’ status instead of remaining ‘in progress’.
  3. We have improved the padding and layout of despatch notes so more products can be displayed without requiring an additional page.
  4. Fixed a bug which could cause spreadsheet order imports to fail if the postcode had a value greater than 20 characters.
  5. Fixed a bug where some CN22/CN23 .pdf files produced by Click & Drop Desktop and Dropbox were missing the -cn suffix.

Click & Drop 6.20 - Release date 11/06/19

This release focuses mainly on improvements to Click & Drop Desktop, as well as several improvements to speed and reliability of the whole website. 

  1. We have added a ‘History’ page to Click & Drop Desktop. This will show details of the last 28 days of both successful and failed imports, and give details of errors, where appropriate
  2. We have added Auto Print and Integration status icons in the Click & Drop Desktop app to display the connection status.
  3. We have moved the ‘orders per printout’ limit from Click & Drop Desktop integration settings page into the app advanced settings.
  4.  We have added the option to select no printers when configuring workstations.

Click & Drop 6.19 - Release date 29/05/19

  1. We have introduced the ‘Clone orders’ feature. For more information, please see: How to clone an order.
  2. We have introduced a new option in WooCommerce settings to specify whether shipping or billing address information should be used on email notifications for WooCommerce orders
  3. We have made the ‘Configure printers’ options in Click & Drop Desktop work even if Auto print is not enabled.
  4. To prevent files being sent to the wrong printer in error, we are no longer going to force a ‘default’ workstation configuration in Click & Drop Desktop
  5. We have added the signed for service enhancement to the following international OBA services: MP4, MP7, MP8, MTA, MTB, MTC, MTD, MTE, MTF, MTG, MTH, MTI, MTJ, MTK, MTL, MPB, MPF, MPG, MPI, MPJ, MPL, MPM, MPO, MPP, MPR, MPT, MPU, MUE, MUF, MUG, MUH, MUI, MUJ, MUK, MUL, MUO, MUP, MUQ, MUR, MUX, MUY, OTA, OTB, OTC, OTD, OTE, OTF
  6. We have added the option in label format settings to allow a different printer to be specified for CN22 and CN23 labels
  7. We have now included order tags as a searchable object in the full text search bar
  8. Fixed a bug which could cause order import errors if currency symbols were added to price fields
  9. Fixed a bug where the ‘manifest’ button redirected to the wrong page when attempting to manifest future dated batches
  10. Fixed a bug which could prevent the ‘manifest all’ button from manifesting future dated orders imported with today’s date

Click & Drop 6.18 - Release date 29/04/19

This release has mostly focused on implementing the ground work for future integrations, background improvements to Click & Drop Desktop, and includes some minor bug fixes.

  1. We have added a ‘Tag’ column on the ‘Orders’ and ‘Manifested orders’ grids. This allows the customer to set a custom key and value against their orders. This can be added via all imports, or during manual creation. Valid examples of tags could be: key:value (MyReference:1A), key=value (Picker=Stephen), or just a value (Wednesday) without a key The total length of a tag must be less than 100 characters. For more information, see: How to create an order tag
  2. We have added a new option to Royal Mail Print Assist to allow a separate printer to be specified for CN22 and CN23 documents. This allows for CN22s to print via the label printer as usual, where CN23s go to a separate A4 printers. For more information, see: How to connect Royal Mail Print Assist
  3. We have fixed a bug which sometimes limited the number of order lines on orders downloaded from Etsy stores to 25

Click & Drop 6.17 - Release date 09/04/19 19:30pm

  1. We have added Printed Papers as an available packaging format for spreadsheet order imports. This includes Click & Drop Desktop, Dropbox, and manual.
  2. We have enabled Royal Mail Print Assist for all accounts as standard.
  3. We have added a section for ‘Safeplace’ on labels for Tracked High Volume services 
  4. We have added the ‘Standard’ store postage method as an option when creating shipping rules that apply to OnBuy stores.
  5. We have fixed a bug that could incorrectly display telephone numbers of orders imported via spreadsheet when Microsoft Excel had applied truncation to the number.
  6. We have fixed a bug which caused sortation codes to display incorrectly on Tracked High Volume labels to some postcodes.
  7. We have fixed a bug which could caused a value for department to display incorrectly on the ‘Manifested orders’ grid.

Click & Drop 6.16 - Release date 19/03

  1. We have added a 'Print letter labels in landscape format' setting that will allow you to print landscape labels for all 'letter' format orders. 
  2. For customers who usually sell the same kind of product, we have added a ‘Default customs information’ setting page which will automatically add a set of default customs information to your orders. For more information, please see our guide: How to set default customs information.
  3. Any products now created as part of manual orders with our new package contents control will be automatically saved to your product catalogue, so you can quickly select them again in the future.
  4. We have added a procedure into our nightly maintenance tasks to automatically fix any manifests which incorrectly display 0 orders.
  5. We have fixed a bug which caused some spreadsheet order imports to fail if an address book reference did not match exact case. 
  6. We have fixed a bug which could cause some spreadsheet imports to fail if an order had an incorrect ISO country code. 

Click & Drop 6.15 - Release date 28/02/19

  1. We have introduced our Full text search feature, which allows you to search for orders, settings, and help articles based on words and numbers they contain.
  2. We have added a new window to improve the way you can add products to manual orders. For more information, please see the our guide: How to manually create an order.
  3. For Click & Drop Desktop and Dropbox integrations, if you have the label setting to generate CN22 and CN23 documents switched on, customs documents will now be automatically produced and saved to your 'Results' folder. For your label settings, please see our guide: Choosing your label format.
  4. We have added options to allow Click & Drop to download various customs information from orders from Magento stores. For more information, please see one of the following guides: How to integrate your Magento V1 store or How to integrate your Magento V2 store.

 Click & Drop 6.14 - Release date 06/02/19

  1. We are pleased to announce our newest eCommerce integration: Fore more information on how to integrate your OnBuy store with Click & Drop so you can download and update your orders, please see our guide: How to integrate your OnBuy store.
  2. We have added the ability to hide services, so you can now hide services you don't need from the 'Apply postage' stage of order processing and shipping rules. For more information, please see the following guide: Managing your shipping services.
  3. We have added a new setting to the Label format page to allow you to specify the print order of your labels. For more information, please see our guide: Choosing your label format
  4. We have added a new optional ‘Enhancements’ column to the Orders and Manifested orders pages. When selected, you can display and filter your orders that have SMS and email notifications, local collect, Signed for, and more.
  5. We have added new configuration options so Click & Drop can download customs information with orders from WooCommerce stores.

Click & Drop 6.13 - Release date 15/01/19

This release is focused on adding new functionality to simplify the process for adding electronic customs information to international orders. 

For customers who send items internationally, we have added a new step to the 'Apply postage' stage of order processing which will allow you to enter package contents information about the products you are sending. For more information on how to add customs information through click & Drop, please see the following guides: Adding customs information when applying postage, or Adding customs information when importing your orders via spreadsheet.

Click & Drop 6.12 - 27/12/18

This release is focused on electronic customs information.

  1. We have removed 'Customs' codes fields on orders. This information now has to be added to products. 
  2. We have ensured that all electronics customs information provided is displayed on CN22/CN23 documentation, and sent electronically via preadvice.

For more information, please see the following guide: Preparing for customs (harmonised system or tariff) codes.

Click & Drop 6.11 - 14/11/18

  1. We have added two new fields, ‘Country of Origin’ and ‘Customs description’. These can be mapped in CSV order imports and product imports.
  2. We are now allowing 6, 8, or 10 characters in any Harmonised System code (Custom codes) fields.
  3. We have removed the character limit for ‘email’ upon registration.
  4. Fixed a bug which prevented the ‘Department’ filter from working correctly on the Manifested orders report page.
  5. Fixed a bug which could cause orders to import with the same order number via Click & Drop Desktop and Dropbox integrations.

Click & Drop 6.10 - 23/10/18

  1. We have implemented several background changes to increase performance and loading times of many of the pages within Click & Drop.
  2. We have been preparing a series of of fixes for some incompatible country/service issues. Theses will be rolled out individually over the coming weeks.
  3. We have made a change so that anonymised orders are removed from any associated batches.
  4. We have fixed a bug which sometimes allowed duplicate address book entries to have the same unique reference

Click & Drop 6.9 - 02/10/18

  1. By popular request, we have added the functionality for you to add a custom image to both your labels and despatch notes. 
  2. We now allow you to edit orders in 'label generated status'. If your customer requests as change of address after you have generated a label, you will no longer need to reset the order to make the change. 
  3. We have added an optional column to all methods of spreadsheet order imports, 'trading name'. This will allow you to specify different return addresses for orders in the same file. 
  4. We are restricting actions available to anonymised orders, so they can only be deleted or reset.
  5. To increase the performance of the website at peak times, we have limited the data you can export via the manifested orders report to a 62-day date range.
  6. We will be increasing the regularity at which we update your OBA services and departments. Automatic updates will now occur at least weekly for every account.
  7. We have fixed a bug which incorrectly allowed you to select an order weight greater than 2 Kg for Royal Mail 48 parcels. 
  8. We fixed a bug which caused some sortation codes to display incorrectly for Tracked High Volume services.
  9. We fixed a bug which could display the incorrect currency on some CN22/CN23 customs documents

Click & Drop 6.8 - 12-09-18 

  1. We are now allowing customers to have more than one iteration of a service within Click & Drop where the service has more than one service register code and/or contract code.
  2. We have added an additional ‘Service register’ column mapping for CSV imports – so you can specify the version of a service you would like to apply your imported orders.
  3. We will now automatically populate Product name, description, quantity, and weight information on CN22 customs forms.
  4. To make the system easier to use, we have added 'Create order', 'Add address book entry' and 'Create product' actions to the ‘Orders’ drop down list.
  5. We have fixed a bug which used to sometimes cause emergency manifests to be created for some manifests containing international orders
  6. We have been working on several general performance improvements, as well as implementing the framework for several large changes in the next coming months.

Click & Drop 6.7 - 21-08-18

  1. We have increased the weight limit for international Tracked with Signature parcels to 5Kg for the following countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.
  2. Reprinting your manifest paperwork will no longer automatically send the paperwork to your printer if you have Print Assist enabled.
  3. We have improved error messages for order import errors where a weight exceeds the package size. It will now specify the affected service and display the maximum weight for that service.
  4. Tracked services and signed services have now been removed as a valid option for orders to Norway and Saudi Arabia. Please note that if you have a shipping rule containing one of these countries, you may have to check your rules are still up to date.
  5. For manifested orders, we have removed all additional actions except for ‘regenerate labels’.
  6. When products are added to your product catalogue, Click & Drop will now automatically create a SKU if there is not one already present.
  7. We have fixed a bug which could occasionally cause emergency manifests to be created for some manifested international orders.
  8. We have fixed a bug which sometimes caused orders downloaded from eCommerce marketplaces to show an invalid country selection if the country was 'Netherlands' as opposed to 'The Netherlands'. 
  9. We have fixed a bug which could clear fields on the Scan & Print page.
  10. We have fixed a bug which caused some recipient names to be displayed incorrectly if the name contained punctuation

Click & Drop 6.6 -  24/07/18

  1. We have been performing ongoing several speed and performance improvements of the whole website.
  2. We have improved the wording surrounding your data preferences. All information and options can now be found in Settings > My data. 
  3. If for any reason an order import fails when using Dropbox, you will receive an error.txt file in your Results folder with information about the error and how to remedy it. 
  4. The 'Getting started' dashboard panel will now stay open by default until you have chosen to minimise it. 
  5. We have improved validation when importing orders so your imported email addresses can contain non-standard domains, such as '' 
  6. We have fixed a bug in our Dropbox integration where the folder name for individual workstations could be changed from a hyphen to an underscore and vice versa. 

Click & Drop 6.5 -  04/07/18

  1. We have been implementing several fixes to improve the speed and consistency of our website. 
  2. For Magento integrations, we have added a new option to allow you to use a custom order status code instead of the default 'processing'. 
  3. Fixed a bug which on rare occasions, could cause a duplicate billing when regenerating failed manifests.
  4. We have changed the wording on some of the tiles within Click & Drop. ‘Channels and stores’ is now ‘Integrations’, and ‘Templates’ is now ‘Label format’.
  5. Fixed a bug which caused some orders processed by Royal Mail Print Assist to not be assigned to batches

 Click & Drop 6.4 - 14/06/18

  1. A ‘Manifest all’ button has been added as a button on the batch history page, and as an icon on the dashboard. The button will automatically perform the end of day process, and manifest all despatched/label generated orders on your account. 
  2. The Apply Postage page will now remember weight and package sizes based on your last selected option.
  3. Click & Drop has been updated to support Printed Papers. For eligible services, a ‘Documents’ packaging size option can be selected instead of ‘Parcel’ etc, and the weight limit will be raised to 5kg.
  4. We improved the layout of ‘Name’ fields across the website.
    a) We have added a Full name field to the Create Order window. This contains logic which also recognises and splits out commonly recognised titles, such as "Mr", "Mrs", "Miss", "Ms", "Mx", "Dr", "Sir", "Dame", "Master", "Lord", "Lady", and "Prof".
    b) Address Book entries can now be created with a title.
    c) Labels and despatch notes will contain titles if present on the order.
    d) ‘Title’ has been added as a field on CSV Order imports and Dropbox, and will be automatically populated if using address book references for the name.
  5. Improvements have been made to international labels to ensure the postcode appears before city for countries which require it.
  6. We now allow apostrophes in email addresses during registration.

 Click & Drop 6.3 - 23/05/18 

  1. We have built a new section in the Settings page for GDPR options, ‘Data retention’. The first allows the customer to erase all personal data from a specific order.
  2. We have improved our marketing preferences options to include methods of communication, including Post, Email, Phone, and Text. These can be found in My Account > Privacy.
  3. We are changing Dropbox settings so that Print Assist no longer has to be active in order for labels to print automatically. All that is required now is the ‘print labels automatically after import’ option within the customers’ Dropbox integration.
  4. Name data will now be automatically filled in when creating an order from an address book reference.
  5. Address books data can now include email address and mobile phone number
  6. We have added a visual identifier for ‘Despatched by other courier’ orders in the information displayed when you expand an order line.
  7. Click & Drop will now remember weight selections. If your previously selected kilograms for your order weight, kilograms will be selected the next time you apply postage to an order.
  8. We have added Local collect to spreadsheet order imports and shipping rules.
  9. We have improved our labels for international orders, so that for applicable countries (such as Germany), postcode appears before city.
  10. The ‘Address book’ tile from the Settings page has now been removed, as this can now be accessed by all users from the small icon on the dashboard. Previously address books were only accessible by admins.
  11. We have allowed ‘Tracked with signature’ services for the following countries: Albania, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Uganda, and Vanuatu.
  12. We have improved the appearance and organisation of images saved to Products.
  13. We now allow any non-standard characters when using Scan & Print.
  14. Not on the High Street’s logo has been updated across the website.

Click & Drop 6.2 - 09/05/18 

  1. 'Local collect' has been added as an optional service enhancement on the Apply postage stage of order processing.
  2. Compensation values have been updated to £750 for SD1 and SD4 Services.
  3. To speed up order processing, all orders imported via spreadsheet (including Dropbox) that would import in 'Postage applied' or 'label generated' status will automatically be placed in a batch.
  4. Fixed a bug which incorrectly displayed available printers in the 'Configure workstations' section of Dropbox integrations.
  5. Fixed a bug which could cause errors if a blank file was imported via Dropbox.
  6. Fixed a bug which could cause errors when logged into Click & Drop in multiple tabs.

Click & Drop 6.1 - 12/04/18 

  1. We have added various columns for service enhancements on spreadsheet order imports. These include safeplace, planned despatch date, consequential loss, Obtain a signature, SMS notification, Email notification, and Guaranteed Saturday delivery. For more information, please see our Order import guides
  2. For customers who use their own service codes, we have allowed services to be mapped with a 'Service alias', which you can set against each of your services in your settings page. 
  3. Click & Drop accounts can now be registered with legacy alphanumeric OBA account numbers.
  4. Address book entries can now be deleted in bulk.
  5. Products can now be deleted in bulk. 
  6. Click & Drop manifest numbers will now be displayed both on your manifest paperwork, and within your OBA account.
  7. A 'Save as default mapping' option has been included in order imports. This will remember all column positions for future imports if there are no column headers to specify the column data.
  8. We have added a date format box for order imports.
  9. We have increased the number of available spreadsheet import country mapping options for domestic orders. Now any commonly used identifier will be valid. Examples include 'GB', 'England', 'Scotland Mainland'.
  10. Clicking outside of the 'Create order' window will no longer cause the window to be closed.
  11. Fixed a bug where previously read user messages could not be deleted.

 Click & Drop 6.0 - 13/03/18

  1. Printed papers has been added as a new packaging type for international orders. You can choose this option when applying postage through the Orders page, or you can add 'Printed papers' to your packaging type field for spreadsheet order imports. 
  2. Tracked return labels can now be generated in bulk. The option to do so can be found in the 'Miscellaneous' page of your settings.
  3. The Despatched orders report has now been improved to include greater detail about your orders, and will include additional weight, service, and manifest data.
  4. For eCommerce marketplace channels (Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Etsy, Magento, Not on the High Street, and Shopify) we have added an 'Upload delivery confirmation to channel' optional setting in your channel and stores settings page. This will be selected by default. You may uncheck the box to prevent Click & Drop from uploading your delivery confirmation numbers to your store.
  5. We have added the option to mark orders as 'Despatched by other courier', which can be performed using the drop down box before pressing the 'Apply postage' button, or via shipping rules. This will keep the order in Click & Drop, but it will not appear in your 'New orders', 'Orders ready for printing', 'Orders ready for despatch', or 'Orders despatched today' dashboard figures. You will not be able to apply postage or generate labels for orders marked as despatched by another courier, but you will be able to reset or delete the order if you decide.
  6. Click & Drop will now automatically download HS codes from your eCommerce marketplace orders, if present. These will be displayed in your order and product data. Please note that we cannot obtain this data from Magento stores. 
  7. To protect your overseas mail, and to signify an international label requires scanning before it is sent overseas, a large letter 'F' will be displayed on the left hand side of the airmail block. 
  8. Your unique contract numbers will be visible alongside your Tracked services. This information can be found in your 'Services' settings page, when setting a service in your shipping rules, and in the 'apply postage' stage of order processing.
  9. We have fixed a bug where yellow warning triangles could sometimes appear on the dashboard if Click & Drop is open in more than one window or tab. For better performance, we do recommend running Click & Drop in only one window or tab if possible.
  10. We have fixed a bug where label generation could sometimes fail if generating a label for an order which contained a product with a SKU longer than 100 characters.
  11. We have fixed a bug which sometimes prevented despatch notes and customs generation forms from being sent to different printers when using Royal Mail Print Assist

 Click & Drop 5.8 - 29/01/18

  1. We are proud to announce our newest marketplace integration. Click & Drop can now be integrated with your Etsy store. For more information on how to connect your store, see this guide: How to integrate your Etsy store. 
  2. In order to help customs officials, and to further help your international mail get to its destination, All labels to international destinations will now include a 1D barcode by default.
  3. We have added tool-tips and shortcuts to the Dashboard to make it easier to get started with Click & Drop.
  4. We have reduced loading times when creating a manual order from Address book entries.
  5. You can now enter the 'Channel order reference' number in addition to Order number when using Scan & Print
  6. Saturday Guaranteed Delivery is now available for Special Delivery (SD) services. This will appear as a checkbox on the 'Apply postage' stage of your order processing, and will only be available on Fridays. Additionally, an 'SG' label will be displayed on your labels to distinguish the enhanced service.
    Please be aware that service enhancements may incur additional charges. See here for more information:
  7. The compensation amount for OLA and OLS services has been increased from £0 to 'up to £20'
  8. Royal Mail Print Assist will no longer print your manifest paperwork. This is to prevent the documents being sent to an incorrect printer. Please print your manifest paperwork manually, as before.
    For more information, see this guide: How to connect Royal Mail Print Assist.

 Click & Drop 5.7 - 09/01/18

  1. We have redesigned the 'Templates' settings page to make it more intuitive and easier to use.
  2. A 'Miscellaneous' section has been added to the 'Settings' menu. This section includes the 'Mark order as despatched when label is generated'  option, as well as options to enable future dated orders (Online business accounts), and timezone settings.
  3. For customers with Dropbox integrations, a new 'Results' folder will be created within the 'Click & Drop' folder which will contain your successfully imported files.
  4. 'Harmonised System (HS) codes' will now be stored as an optional field against your orders.
  5. We have updated how we handle eBay orders with no Shipping Address - such as 'Collection only' orders. As these orders do not need to be shipped, they will no longer be downloaded into Click & Drop.
  6. We have included a new 'Price' column on your 'Manifests' page to display the price of your completed manifests. Please note that prices are not available for manifests created before this date.
  7. For customers who use Royal Mail Print Assist, printers are now assigned per workstation instead of per user. This means you will not have to reconnect your printers if you move to a different machine.

Click & Drop 5.6 - 28/11/17

  1. We have changed our Shopify integration from a private app to a public app to make the integration process quicker and easier to perform. 
  2. Improved the filtering of your orders when viewing the site in Firefox.
  3. Fixed a bug which prevented some orders from downloading from Magento if they were paid via a non standard payment method (non PayPal or direct payment).
  4. Fixed a bug that caused some orders to fail to import from Channels when the product SKU contained at least one non-Latin character.
  5. For customers with future dates batches activated can now manifest, you can now manifest your future-dated orders before their planned despatch date.
  6. Fixed a bug where Tracked High Volume services used to appear on separate lines on manifest paperwork.
  7. Fixed a bug which caused some manifested orders to be incorrectly assigned to a different department.
  8. Fixed a bug that meant customers could still select ‘Archived’ departments. If your old departments still appear in your Click & Drop, please contact our support team who can update this for you.